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Ten things that surprised us about the Wii U hardware

Arstechnica- We already knew a lot about the Wii U based on previous hands-on time with the system and announcements from Nintendo. But now that we have the actual hardware in Opposable Thumbs HQ (read: my Pittsburgh apartment), we've noticed a few things that were a bit surprising. Here’s a quick, picture-filled look at some of those surprises. (Wii U)

Neonridr  +   776d ago
Nintendo always has mystery connectors. I know the one on the bottom of the gamepad will be to hook it up to future accessories. One of them will no doubt be the zapper style gun with the gamepad hooked into it which can then be used as a scope for aiming along the lines of Silent Scope style games. Sniper Elite V2 is still listed as a March release according to Gamespot. Imagine that accessory for a game like that? Perfect match.
guitarded77  +   776d ago
One thing from the article that has me puzzled is "The controllers only have digital shoulder buttons". I wonder if it's just the shoulder buttons. The screen on the gamepad can make up for it, but it's just odd... especially for something like a driving game where you need to have pressure sensitive triggers for gas. maybe the ZR and ZL buttons are. I'll find out for myself in just 8 more days. Thinking about driving a couple towns over where they have one on display just so I can check it out.
Kur0  +   776d ago
He said the 4 shoulder buttons so he means the triggers too.
guitarded77  +   776d ago
Well that sucks. I guess I may just end up using the pro-controller for racing games. I really want to check out Project CARS on Wii U when it comes out... and of course Mario Kart. Still trying to decide if I want to but Sonic All Stars Racing.
herbs  +   776d ago
Honestly it was strait up stupid and short sighted of Nintendo not to add analog shoulder triggers :[
linkratos  +   776d ago
Bad news, the Pro controllers don't have analog either :(
ShinMaster  +   775d ago
Nintendo is a little behind in some things.
When it comes to online and controllers.
You GOTTA get the basics down first before you add the gimmicks.

I just hope I don't have to attach one controller into another controller like on the Wii to use the classic Controller Pro.
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XB1_PS4  +   776d ago
I had 2 huge ports on the bottom of my gamecube, that to this day, I have no clue what they were for. lol
esemce  +   776d ago
Gameboy adapter ?
No FanS Land  +   776d ago
actually there was 3 ports under the gamecube, the one that removed during cycle was the broadband ethernet port I think, even though there's still the detachable plastic part.
(only three games supported online gaming)

One was indeed for the gameboy player, and the other one well, don't know!
Gamer1982  +   776d ago
The controller is the most annoying part. Its gonna be like I pressed A like on the 360 version... Oh wait... I press B!! LOL. No doubt that was to make it more unique..
No FanS Land  +   776d ago
ever thought of the SNES controller design?

the A,X,B,Y layout for nintendo has always been the same since the SNES, including, the DS, 3DS, wii classic controller, and now the wii U pro and gamepad.

if anything it should be MS to blame.
MaxXAttaxX  +   775d ago
You mean the Xbox was the one that tried being unique even though it copied the SNES/Super Famicom multicolored Y, X, B, A buttons.
pixelsword  +   775d ago
You mean Microsoft ISN'T God???

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slugboss  +   775d ago
I've always thought they flipped it around because most western games focused on using the inside buttons and eastern games used the outer edge. Maybe they just stole it from Sega though...
Deku-Johnny  +   775d ago
How long have you been gaming?
I was surprised it was more poweerful than ps3 and 360. 512mb more ram available for games and a better gpu. Still not a beast though.
Transporter47  +   776d ago
It should be more powerful then ps3 or 360, if they made it less powerful then that's just sad they are 2005 and 2006 hardware, technology should always move forward not back backwards
vallencer  +   776d ago
If I've read correctly in other articles it has about 730 more in the ram department. I believe the Xbox and ps3 use about, at least in the beginning, 256 because the other half went to the os.
Shadowstar  +   775d ago
Neither PS3 nor 360 were ever as bad as to only give access to 256...
Gamer1982  +   776d ago
Slightly more powerful but still wont run 1080p games. The shoulder buttons will make any Forza and GT clones that arise (if ever) play like crap. Digital buttons don't work for driving games unless your in a Kart.
Deku-Johnny  +   775d ago
The only game announced to not run 1080 is NSMBU. Mass Effect 3 I believe is set to run in 1080.
Droid Control  +   776d ago
The PSU is massive! 360 massive. I prefer the Sony way, inbuilt.
kneon  +   776d ago
While I like the built in PSU as it's much more convenient it does make it harder to keep the console cool. It's easier and cheaper just to have it separate.
Gamer1982  +   776d ago
I disagree a PSU should be inside they only put it outside to slim down the console. It has nothing to do with cooling that was a lame excuse the only console in history to actually suffer from overheating to a degree it had to be changed at the manufacturing level is the 360. That had a separate PSU. If its well built you don't need a separate PSU.

I build PC's and saying a separate PSU for cooling reasons is just ludicrous
kneon  +   775d ago
I've also been building PCs since the 80286 was the big CPU, but a console is not a PC. A console is a much more constrained environment making cooling trickier. My latest PC runs two 200mm and two 140mm fans, plus the fans on the CPU cooler and the fans on the GPU. You just can't fit that sort of thing in a console.

Of course that doesn't mean you can't use an internal PSU in a console as it's obviously been done successfully. But to do that you have to put extra effort into engineering a better cooling system. That takes time and money so not everyone chooses to go down that path.

Plus, as you mentioned, there is the marketing advantage of showing off your tiny console, conveniently ignoring the enormous brick hanging off the back.

So as I said I prefer the internal PSU but I understand why not all manufacturers will choose to go that way.
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topgeareasy  +   776d ago
things that surprised me
for a console to come out in 2012 not to have:
Ethernet port
built in HDD (not counting flash storage)
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Cryptcuzz  +   776d ago
Wait what? It doesn't have an Ethernet port?

So internet connectivity and playing online would be through WiFi only?

If that is the case, that is a big let down for me.
topgeareasy  +   776d ago
source: http://www.slashgear.com/ni...

wii u online will be more laggy due to this set back
WiiUalpha  +   776d ago
@crypt u can sure a lan adapter.

@G'zGEAR not counting flash? Why discount a superior method oh and I have to lol at you for trying to turn Wii u superior save into something bad because they done force u to buy their brand of an outdated method. Im sure u r all for the vita method but most us aren't idiots so we wont have an issue using what we already have
topgeareasy  +   776d ago

32GB flash lol

with a PS3 you can use any sata 2.5 including solid state memory

so it's not superior

also before you say external HDD

USB 2.0 bandwidth is too slow

nice try tho
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kneon  +   776d ago
Well that's just stupid, how could they leave out an ethernet port? That's certainly not catering to the hardcore.
PopRocks359  +   776d ago
You mean pushing for wireless connectivity out of the box? Like they've been doing since the DS came out?
MasterCratosKong66  +   776d ago
not sure why the lack of ethernet port is a big deal. Idk if my enviroment or other factors has something to contribute this but with xbox live on my 360 I always experience less lag through wireless than through direct ethernet connection.
esemce  +   776d ago
There will be a usb to ethernet adapter just like the one the Wii had (i have one) maybe it will still work will WiiU, for online gaming ethernet beats wifi.
ChickeyCantor  +   776d ago
" USB 2.0: Released in April 2000. Added higher maximum signaling rate of 480 Mbit/s (effective throughput up to 35 MB/s) "

I don't see how 35MB/s for games is too slow.
Wii U disc read speed = 22.5MB/s
PS3 disc read speed = 9MB/s

USB 2.0 exceeds both of them. Nice try indeed.
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Ck1x  +   776d ago
At least someone likes to do fact checking! Kudos
LostDjinn  +   776d ago
@ Sidar : The PS3s' Sata bus allows for 1.5Gb/s (187.5MB/s) speeds while the 360 has a custom bus that allows for 500Mb/s (62.5MB/s) each way (upstream and downstream for a total of 125 MB/s) from their HDDs respectively.

The fact you try and cherry pick facts while omitting others shows just how desperate you are. USB 2.0 is very slow when compared to the HDDs of any other HD system (PC included).

Now the WiiU SHOULD hold its' own against current HD consoles, so please cut the $#!%.

It amazes me how people don't see the disservice done to the medium (as a whole) when they strap on the fan-goggles and start talking out their butts!

Edit: I should also add that with USB 2.0 you can send or receive data but not both at the same time. It's one or the other. (Yet another shortcoming you conveniently omitted.)
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No FanS Land  +   776d ago
usb 3.0 has only been mainstream for 1, 2 years?

who is seriously going to buy a 3.0 hard drive for a wii u?

just use an hdd with 2 ports, one for power and one for data,

heck it's even possible to play games from hdd with an hacked Xbox 1, which I'm pretty sure back in 2001 must have had slower transfer rates than usb 2.0.
nypifisel  +   776d ago
Why did that surprise you? If anything it should go something like this: "It's 2012, so of course an Ethernet port isn't needed". How is moving forward a sign of being behind? I fully understand why not to have cable support. Who doesn't have a wireless router now a days anyway.

Also, someone mentioned that the Online will be laggy..What? NO it wont! I use wireless on all my computers, and I play games and download things in top speeds.
Ck1x  +   776d ago
I hear ya and its only a matter of time before we start seeing boxes sending video feed wireless as well! We are moving towards a cable free untethered society...
3-4-5  +   776d ago
Quality of hardware. Every Nintendo Console I've ever owned has remained in GREAT condition. I do take care of them, but even so, there hasn't been hardware issues.

Their reliability is amazing in comparison to the competition.
Oh_Yeah  +   776d ago
Indeed.. My NES still worked last time I checked. 28 years..It's 7 years older than me.
SegaKnuckles86  +   776d ago
Nintendium is the best material to make a console with.
jp_footy2  +   776d ago
I am considering buying a Wii U.

Can I expect games with better graphics than Uncharted 3 / God of War: Ascension?..
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FlairSomewhere  +   776d ago
Well, yes, if developers put as much work into optimizing their titles as SCE Santa Monica & Naughty Dog.
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Abdou23  +   776d ago
WiiU games will be better than current-gen games in a bout 2 years, by then next-gen consoles will be out and WiiU will look very weak compared to them.Same case as the Wii.
ChickeyCantor  +   776d ago

And you're expecting fully optimized games in the first 2 years on Ps4/720?

Wii U will do fine.
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FlairSomewhere  +   775d ago
Also, a game "being" better than another is one thing, a game "looking" better is another. I heart my "better games" over shiny turds.
despair  +   775d ago
its possible to get those graphics and better, but its not probable. Usually its First party developers that push the system like that and I don't see nintendo doing that or even coming remotely close to those graphics for quite a few years if at all.
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jmc8888  +   776d ago
USB 2.0 connectivity is plenty fast for what's needed.

You're not searching for things using windows search
You're not transferring files from one drive to another.

It's perfectly fine for 1080p movies or game save loads. It won't slow down anything from the eShop download wise.

People talk about PS3 had SATA, but really what could you do on the PS3 (or any console) that requires a SATA connection?

Nothing really. USB 2.0 won't be a major issue vs SATA I/II/III for consoles.

Now if the PS3 still allowed other OS'es so you could use it in a way besides the Sony console, I could understand the point, sort of. But as soon as Sony took that away, the issue became moot, and really it's for giggles mostly anyways, as a console won't replace a PC for that sort of stuff. Nice redundancy sure, but not for 1st choice.

So congrats for people pointing out that the PS3 has a useless feature that added cost and provided nothing to the console, and used that as a 'legitimate' reason to bash the Wii U.

Now the ethernet port is a bit of a problem, but I see I can find the Wii version on newegg for 12.99 with free shipping right now, so no problem really.

I wonder if someone will implement a new back end for the gamepad. It looks good, but it would be nice if it was fatter (a complaint one could say about any controller for any console). But it's probably for other things like extra/bigger battery, or some functional thing like a gun.
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linkfan8800   776d ago | Spam
Thepcz  +   776d ago
there is also a hidden 'time machine' button
that can send you anywhere in time :l
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Blacklash93  +   776d ago
That's pretty disappointing about the lack of real analog triggers, but come to think of it very few games actually take advantage of that anyway (even shooters). Still Nintendo isn't doing itself any favors excluding control features given what the Wii U is all about.
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Quetzll  +   776d ago
I think anyone who would frown at the digital triggers were probably going to get the pro controller anyway.
Hicken  +   775d ago
Or people that like racing games.

And, apparently, the pro controller also has digital triggers.
profgerbik  +   776d ago
I could careless about that, what kills me is no multi-touch screen what the fuck?

What is this 2001..? Again Nintendo did it on purpose to save money..!?

What the fuck is with them being the richest in the gaming industry yet everything they make, they pinch penny's on..?

Seriously that shit get's on my nerves because then they will try to sell some add on later that you can buy separately instead, like with the 3DS.
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Ck1x  +   776d ago
Maybe with all of the sensors in the controller, its something they felt could be mapped out in a different way. We have no clue how racing games are going to be designed for this console. But if most plan on using the GamePad itself as the steering wheel. Then the accelerator could be mapped to one of the analogue sticks. Or if steering is controlled by the analogue stick, then acceleration could be controlled by the gyroscope and how far you tilt the GamePad forward and what not...
Zhipp  +   775d ago
I've never much cared for tilt-to-accelerate controls. I do like tilting the controller to steer, though.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   775d ago
It has more than one unannounced feature.
cyclindk  +   775d ago
A Wii-brator for my girlfriend?

or a Wiildo?
Knight_Crawler  +   775d ago
Wrong article...I think if you go to the search bar you might be able to find a PS Move article that was posted like 4 months ago, sadly not much new news has been posted for the PS Move :(

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