Dark_Alex releases the PSP Time Machine v0.1

Quote from Maxconsole:

"Everyone bow down to the PSP hacking legend that is Dark_Alex, he has just released another amazing hack - the Time Machine v0.1. This hack fpr the PSP allows you to load previous firmwares and custom firmwares from the Memory Stick using pandora. This allows you to enjoy such benefits as being able to run software that isn't supported anymore and a whole lot more."

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Bill Gates3775d ago

M$ should use this time machine to go back in time and fix the 360 before selling it to the BABOONS.....AHAHHAHHAHHAHAHA

GodsHand3775d ago

Don't forget HD DVD drive built in and a HDD.

TheMART3775d ago

If Sony only went back to fix some good games, get the price at 400 Dollar/Euro from launch, get the slow BluRay drive aka trojan horse push format out of the gamingconsole and get a fast drive in so one doesn't have to install 22 minutes a game (if one wants to play a PC game, one doesn't buy a console)

Sony Soldiers3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

So is pandora's battery needed for this? I'd like to get my slim back down to 3.71 m33-4, but my friend, whose PSP phat I used, is about 400 miles away at his school and won't be back until summer, oh well :(

TheMART3775d ago

Yep Pandora battery is needed to run the firmware(s) from Memory Stick

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GodsHand3775d ago

Good news for every PSP user. Even if they don't use it.

ruibing3775d ago

Too complicated for me to have to get an old PSP or buy one of these things off eBay. I'll stick with normal PSP games for my PSP Slim and R4 for my DS Lite.

TheMART3775d ago

It's not complicated at all.

First get jigkick/pandora battery or let someone with an already modded PSP make one for you. Second, get the Magic Memory Stick fixed. There are some easy installers.

After that's its simple... Upgrading to 3.90 m33-2. I'll prepare a seperate Memory Stick for this Time Machine stuff (which isn't too hard also if one follows the .txt tutorial) so 1.50 kernel homebrew is apart from my MS for normal PSP Slim use.

Winter47th3775d ago

Kudos to Dark Alex, what a great man for the community he is.

ruibing3775d ago

@TheMART at Xboxkings

But is there anyway to do it when I don't know anyone with a modded PSP or an old PSP? If only there was something resembling the R4 for the PSP, where I can just put a bunch of games onto a 2GB MicroSD card and boot it up with no modifications to the system that may void the warranty.

TheMART3774d ago

@ Ruibing

Yes. One can buy the Datel Tool battery, its the pandora/jigkick commercially (around 25 to 30 Euro's normally). There is also a hardware way to make the pandora, but you have to break open the PSP battery and do some hardware modifications. I wouldn't recommend that, but if you want to, it's possible...

Pandora is about as simple as R4. You do it once and it works like a charm. You can't brick. You can always recover if you dump the Nand first

LJWooly3774d ago

I'm thinking Sony and Dark_Alex don't get on well... maybe that's why theMart posted this story :D

TuxyMamoru3774d ago

Its actually really easy to make one. Just go to Walmart and buy the mAh Sony battery, open it up, and, using a needle, pry off one of the pins.

There's websites all over the internet that go into detail about how to do it. You won't regret it.

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Antonio_Mex3775d ago

the mart you are so lame, I would love to have a fist fight with you.

TheMART3775d ago

You wouldn't hold up for 10 sec. One positive thing, you would be out for at least 22 minutes, so DMC4 would be installed on your PS3 afterwards

Antonio_Mex3775d ago

this should be great for PSP users.

Antonio_Mex3775d ago

Well for your information, I not planning on purchasing DMC4, theres nothing new on the game, still the installation helps to get rid of the noise unlike your console, you have to hear that laud annoying noise, anyway the mart, I Would love to argue with these, but im not a keyword warrior, if ever drop by on Paltalk, I'll see you there.

TheMART3775d ago

Too bad again. The installation is needed to keep up with the 360 in loading times and to prevent that the Waitstation 3 is reality. I don't get people crying over a spinning gamedisc. I have a 5.1 sound system and I don't hear any drive.

Antiono-Mex(ican?). Anyway my dear Mexican, if you want to jump out the discussion be my guest. Don't forget you started it yourself with a comment that made me laugh. The only thing you could hit are Piniata's I guess.

DarkSniper3774d ago

This comment was an insult to the good name of hispanics and latino human beings across the nation. Dark Sniper encourages everyone to report TheMART at Xboxkings' comments as offensive.

Make N4G a better community and rid of this rubbish and take away his bubbles.


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