Unboxing Call of Duty Black OPS 2 + Live Stream

Unboxing the game and showing what it includes. Live stream of SP and maybe some zombies.

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Emilio_Estevez1989d ago

And the award for most creative un-boxing tool....

Farsendor11989d ago

really have to include the unboxing? its just cod

SonyNGP1989d ago

Shh...Let him have his moment.

inf3cted11989d ago

Oh god, they made the graphics better. THE EVOLUTION

ginsunuva1989d ago

Apparently the game actually looks watchable on pc

XboxInnovation1989d ago

Can't believe people still get so gaga over this franchise every year. I envy you guys that do. I wish I could be so tolerate and interested over the same year thing every year.

Blastoise1989d ago

You do just that. You find interest in whining about Call of duty again and again.

SAE1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

i dont like where call of duty going but ...

if all your brothers and friends only play call of duty , what can you do ?. if you can't beat them , join them , lol ...

that's why im buying this game , because the fun comes from playing together , they are not interested on other games so it worth buying for me...

Gamer-Z1989d ago

No because the game isn't whats entertaining you its your fiends why not just hang out with them or Facebook them.

Veni Vidi Vici1989d ago

Why have a knife there on the bed if you're going to break a bottle to open it?

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