Is GTA 5 going to suck?

Digital Noob takes a look at the possibility of GTA 5 being a less than stellar game, and looks at the evidence lending that stance credibility.

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Yi-Long1863d ago

... SOME will ofcourse be disappointed with it, as is the case with all big releases where gamers build up their own hype and expectations.

It will be a very good game, hopefully a GREAT game. But some will be disappointed, and they will scream and cry that it sucks.

NukaCola1863d ago

Not every game can please anyone. But from the screens and info, it looks very promising. I can dig the 3 characters too. I don't know if this is 3 stories or you switch, or one long story. (I hope you can some how switch out how you do your persona in Assassin's Creed Liberation or at least complete 3 stories that intersect) but the idea of a gangster, a thief/hitman maybe, and a low life scum bag gives it come pretty neat flavor.

roadkillers1862d ago

I don't understand how it works either, but I think that is for the best. Leaving it vague will leave us with questions that we can answer by ourselves when the game is released.

pixelsword1861d ago

Let's see how this article came to be:

1. Great Graphics

2. Bigger than all GTA games combined

3. PS3 lead console

Yep, based upon the third one, I see how someone will make an article like this and not about, oh, let's say how Halo could suck although it was made by someone other than bungie and currently the lowest-rated Halo out there (although I personally think that this Halo is probably my 3rd favorite Halo game!)

H2OAcidic1862d ago

Agreed! It's done with nearly every game that releases. You'll have kids and adults hyped about a game and once it has released some might think it's the best shit ever. While others wish they never purchased the game.

I think GTA V is going to do well. Who doesn't like a game in which you and friends can just roam around and cause problems?

showtimefolks1862d ago

it depends on what you think or want the game to be, if you are thinking more in line of saints row the 3rd than yes you will not like it. while SR series is great IMO the 3rd game was not good. I like craziness but in a way the game still needs to deliver a proper story which SR3 didn't do

people look at old GTA games and think craziness like in GTA:SA or VC but what they seem to forget is all those games had serious tones story wise, yes you can do a lot but bottom line being those games were subject matter and serious while allowing you to do stuff

so expect GTA 4 but with a much much bigger world with a lot more to do and better mission structure. and if i am not wrong i think Midnight CLub Developers will be helping out with racing aspects of GTA5. so while GTA 4 was too serious expect a come back little to crazy side but nothing like SR3 and i never want GTA to turn into SR anyway

vortis1862d ago

Well said.

I, too, didn't like SR3. It was terrible because of how much content they removed and how aimless the whole game was (What was your character really trying to do? You already owned Stilport and **spoiler** killed the main bad guy halfway through the game).

GTA IV was a lot better than people make it out to be, and I still play EEFLC to this very day. So haters gonna hate, but I hope Rockstar can just deliver what they've already revealed.

showtimefolks1862d ago


People just want to hate on GTA 4 but think abut it when it came up in 2008 it was a great looking open world game with a lengthy story. Sure content wise t could have been better but I think just like when GTA 3 came out on ps2 every game after that improved on it so expect a huge jump quality wise and much better content wise.

SR2 was great I loved it and one had a good foundation but 3rd was so MEH, craziness is fine but it needs to have a proper structure. I think SR3 didn't get the memo that GTA:SA was already made last gen.

People give SR series so much credit but it's as much GTA clone as any other open world game IMO.

Rockstar north knows how to make open world games and they are king of making open world games so everyone can learn something from GTA 5. THQ have said SR4 in development yet it took 5 years to make next GTA5 that shows everyone how serious RS takes GTA.

Quality above everything it will come out when it's ready. Don't be surprised if GTA5 also gets bunch of 10/10 review wise

RivetCityGhoul1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

how the hell do you know its gonna be "Very good" you haven't even played the game yourself moron. stop deluding yourself just because its rockstar north, doesn't mean they get a free pass. they have to earn the positive reception, they can't be givin it. GTA IV was too serious which was that game downfall, when you mention gta no one really talks about IV. if rockstar north can bring back that wacky side of gta while maintaining a a balance of seriousness then i'm all for this game. but im not gonna hold any expectations just because its rockstar.

DigitalAnalog1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

Just because we R* has given a press release on their new game, it only serves to hype the game up. Introducing new mechanics, features and such, nothing different to what other promotional material other games do like the excessive "tech" marketing on Assassin's Creed 3 & Max Payne 3.

If anything, the reviews getting harsher (or just being diabolically self-entitled), everything all boils down to see how the game delivers. Right now the game industry is just too predictable in it's sequels: bigger this, bigger that, more features, blah blah blah and when push comes to shove suddenly all those "features" suddenly looked like tack-on features to tickle the hype bone. Nothing more, nothing less. \

After GTAIV fiasco (why they only get 80 reviews on Metacritic while many other AAA titles gets more ratings is beyond me), this time they may not be getting all the perfect scores a lot of people are believing it to be. Don't get me wrong, I really hope they can deliver but in this late console cycle, it may not actually stand out as we would like to believe.

Jason1431862d ago

it wont be as big as a jump as gta 3 to vice city thats for sure. More of the same works. I usually throw the controller and let my son free roam for hrs on end. I dont think were going to see a true tech jump in the gta series for quite some time. Im sure pc will have more amazing mods like gta4 to look forward too

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-MD-1862d ago

How does that work? I loved GTA3 but found GTA4 to be a joke.

gamer2341862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

like, rockstar gives a shit about anybody's opinion,

deletingthis346753341862d ago

No game developer can please everyone with any game. It doesn't matter what the small number of haters on the internet will say about the game, the majority of GTA fans will like it and it will sell millions of copies. Rockstar can make a video game however they want and they owe nobody a thing. Don't like it? Make a GBA clone for yourself and see if you can make it better than GTA V.

RivetCityGhoul1862d ago

just like the majority fans liked GTA IV? yea sure buddy keep puffing on that magic dragon. why don't you stop being a rockstar jock rider.

BrianC62341862d ago

I hope it's better than GTA IV was. I never could get into that game. Most of the fun from the earlier games was gone. They made it too realistic which made it harder to do whatever you want. My biggest problem was if I drove a car too hard I'd wreck and go flying out the windshield. At least give us wild car chases back.

vortis1862d ago

When I read comments like this it lets me know you didn't really play the game.

GTA 4 had some of the craziest car chases out of the entire series and the best car physics out of the entire series (so far). The bullet physics and car damaged meant that you could have some insane car chases and if you did it right you could could out the tires of cops and watch their cars flip over from the momentum. You couldn't do that in GTA: SA.

Also, being able to shoot out tires, shoot gas tanks, shoot up the engine or send cars flying into buildings or off freeways was awesome.

The car chases in GTA IV were some of the best ever.
Also, check out this video, which proves just how cool the RAGE physics engine is.

BrianC62341862d ago

I didn't get very far into GTA IV because it was too boring to get into I kept going back to it but kept getting bored.

LOGICWINS1862d ago

Realism wasn't the problem. The improved physics, A.I., animations, character models, and cover system ADDED to the experience. The issue was a hard to relate to lead character and boring missions.

Play Ballad of Gay Tony. Best GTA missions EVER!

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