Activision: Another Next-Gen Console Will Challenge Wii U Next Year – PS4 or Next Xbox Incoming?

People have been trying to guess at when the Playstation 4 and/or Xbox 720 will debut next year, while report after report has surfaced suggested one thing or another, but it now seems as though Activision has revealed one of those systems will be debuting this coming year to challenge the Wii U.

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DarkBlood1748d ago

well looks like i'll get a ps4 then if it comes out before the next xbox either way they will all be MINNNNNNNNE

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31747d ago

They'll debut but they won't go on release until the following year. I'm taking all bets...

irepbtown1747d ago

It could be a brand new console as a whole (not from Sony/MS), though that is highly unlikely. I have to agree with WrAiTh, debut next year, release 2014. That makes a lot more sense.

ShinMaster1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

Announced next year and released the year after.
I think we will see continued support for current consoles during and after next gen consoles launch.
The PS3's launch in 2006 never stopped continued PS2 support. Same with PS1.

And with the Wii U making games of the same PS3/360 caliber, we can expect multiplatform support to continue on those 3 consoles even after the PS4 and 720 launch.

The_Hooligan1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

@ gollum
Trix r for kids?? :O

PS-ADDICT1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

At&T The Hooligan

I Heard in a Movie ,"is That Ho Pullin' Trix Again!!?! Woooo Hoo Atari 2800 is Wayne Brady gonna Have Ta Choke e B!Tch?

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blackmamba7071748d ago

of all people, Kotick must be in the know when it comes to stuff like this, it's critical to his wallet balance

and he just spilled it, Nextbox720 in 2013

Kingofforest1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

AMD- it's Sony's time to go next, since i'm behind all 3.

Jason1431747d ago

Valves system? maybe? Having all consoles now Im must say I think Im sticking with pc. The user created content for games just make my hard earned csh feel better spent. How many people on console can say they still play left 4 dead weekly :)

DOMination-1747d ago

Valve aren't making a console they are making some gaming glasses

FamilyGuy1748d ago

That doesn't sound like a reference to Sony or MS, maybe an Apple console is on the way... and soon o.O

ConstipatedGorilla1747d ago

Apple doesn't want the console market.

gobluesamg1747d ago

I can't wait till they are both announced and we can pour over all of the specs and compare and contrast. The console war continues, and that's a good thing.

Insomnia_841747d ago

All I can think of is...

PlayStation 4: Uncharted 4, Killzone 4, Resistance 4, God Of War 4...

That number had never looked so good!!!

Y_51501747d ago

Also inFAMOUS 3 (The 4th game in the series). :P

extermin8or1747d ago

I'm actually thinking new consoles:new IP's- ps4:uncahrted 4, killzone 4 and infamous 3 :)

showtimefolks1747d ago

its up in the air who will release their console next?

you have sony who are in trouble money wise and they just released VIta so is it wise to invest into a new machine? But they also don't want to be the last one out again and face 2 HD consoles

Than you have MS who have gone all casual on us and they care more that its a media box inside your living room than an actual gaming system. but they came out before sony/ps3 so they are also due for a newer system.

I think if i have to bet my heart says sony will release a new system in fall of 2013 but what's stopping MS they can also release one at the same time.

That's what i want to see actually ps4 vs xbox720 and see how strong xbox brand is when its going head to head with playstation, competetion meaning we the consumers win

and before i get many replies about how xbox360 is leading the sames above ps3 know this ps3 has outsold the xbox360 since launch and that huge lead has been cut down to 2 million and that's considering ps3 launched at $600. I think MS will have a tough battle either way IMO they have messed up wioth their fanbase. Each year before E3 there is talk of many games than everything is centered around kinect and more paid apps coming to xblive which are free every where else like youtube

wii-u free online service
psn free online service and with ps4 it will get cross game chat
xblive a paid serive

i fully expect xblive to loose some of its members next gen, why pay for something that will be available on other systems for free

xPhearR3dx1747d ago

"why pay for something that will be available on other systems for free"

Because some people feel the price is justified. Cell phone users who choose pay as you go plans could go with a contract to get better service, support, phones, etc but choose not to. To some people, paying $100 a month for their iPhone is better than paying $50 a month and getting tons of services for free through pay as you go.

I for one love my party chat. I also love the UI and controller of the 360. Therefor I feel the price is justified. Other people don't like paying for certain things that are free on other platforms and can do without party chat for example. More power to them. Your money, spend it how you choose.

extermin8or1747d ago

@xPhearR3dx actually people felt the cost was justified at the start of this gen but microsoft will have to do something truely exceptional to xbl to get consumers to ignore whatever evolution of the psn ps4 has and the bonus of ps plus for pretty much the same price as an xbl subscription...

showtimefolks1747d ago


did you not read what i said?

here is it again when ps4 will support party chat system for free on psn than why is xblive worth the price when the other service is giving you that along with same other features for free

psn today is almost the same service as xblive minus the party chat and espn etc,

you need a gold account to use netflix when on every other device in the world as long as you hve an account you can use Netflix?

so its one thing to charge for something its another to force people to buy a service to use another service that have to b e paid separately

IMO unless MS truly offers something new and worth the money they will loose a lot of its xblive members when ps4 launches

xPhearR3dx1746d ago

I mentioned other reasons aside from party chat. You don't know if PS4 will offer party chat or not. You're just assuming. XBL and PSN may offer similar services, but they're not nearly the same. Free is not always better. When I purchase a console I dont go solely off if online is free or not. The UI, controller, functionality, games etc play a HUGE role in that decision. Online is free on the Wii, but due to the UI, controller and games, I'll never get one. Same will apply to next gen systems if certain aspects are lackluster.

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DOMination-1747d ago

Obviously its the Panasonic Jungle!

joab7771747d ago

Sony cannot afford to let xbox get the jump this time unless the ps4 is superior in every way. Sony's financial troubles are serious and failure is not an option. Unless of course they r considered too big 2 fail and get bailed out. I dont think they r.

Ben121747d ago

Could this possably be the APPLE CONSOLE ? wow that could put a real dent in both Sony and Microsoft. Whatever it is bring it on im ready.

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StrongMan1748d ago

I doubt it will be Sony. They are still releasing new IPs. They are releasing 3 next year so far that we know of.

Hellsvacancy1748d ago

Sony isnt the kind of company that would drop support of the PS3 in favor of newer console, we'll see the PS4 next year, maybe not to buy, but we'll see it

nukeitall1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

No, they will just drop support for the newer product like PSP Go!

If it ain't profitable, watch Sony (or any company for that matter) drop it like poo!

It happened to PSP Go, I don't doubt it will happen again.

DigitalRaptor1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

Wow, just wow. PSP go was a self admitted market test for Sony, they dropped it because no one was buying it.

Are people not buying PS3s or PS2s? there's your pretty straightforward answer. The value of a PS3 is only going to increase in the eyes of the casual consumer or late adopter over the next few years, just like with the PS2. The PS3 will continue to sell as long as the benefits exist to these types of consumer - the ones that will always be looking for the cheap, high proposition console with a ton of cheap older games. The 360 will see the same continued growth and support.

When PS4 comes out, you can bet your bottom dollar that the PS3 will see support by way of games and services and they'll still be selling it years later.

profgerbik1748d ago

Yep they said it has a good couple years even when the PS4 will be released quoting Sony themselves they said the PS3 will still see heavy support from them.

As you said Sony has never been one to drop anything, as why you still see some pretty quality PSP games being made even when the Vita has been out almost a year now.

Knight_Crawler1748d ago

@Digi Rap - Son was the PS Eye and Move also a test?

I pretty sure that Wonderbook will also be a test.

Outside_ofthe_Box1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

***"No, they will just drop support for the newer product like PSP Go!"***

I'm not understanding how the PSPGO is relevant to the PS3. The PS3 is currently selling isn't it? So why would Sony "drop support for the newer product like PSPGO!" if the PS4 were to release?

There are more evidence pointing towards Sony not dropping support(PS1,PS2,PSP) than Sony actually dropping support(PSPGO which was nothing more than just another PSP...), but keep bringing up the GO pretending that it validates your argument.