Target's Black Friday 2012 deals - $10 for 1600 MS Points, $25 LittleBigPlanet Karting, more

Target's entire Black Friday 2012 ad has been posted online.

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Starbucks_Fan1993d ago

$25 LBP Karting is tempting. Can someone comment on how active the community is?

Captain Qwark 91993d ago

looked like a half assed version of mod nation. 25 is prob too much

mod nation is hands downt he best kart game ever, they should have just done a true sequel

vallencer1992d ago

Mario kart is still better. Not that mod nation isn't good but it's not the best.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1992d ago

Try Sonic racing for the closest thing to Mario Kart. It's pretty good.

the worst1992d ago

mod nation is hands downt he best kart game ever

Captain Qwark 91990d ago

haha mariokart has nothing on mod nation.

mods tracks that came with it are far more entertaining than any tracks in mariokart ( all the ones after 64 anyway )
customizable characters and tracks too. also means unlimited of both
game-play is very similar but slightly deeper considering you can have 3 tiers to each weapon
graphics are not the best ps3 has to offer but def comparable if not better than any mariokart game
online community....i dont even need to elaborate on this

so please tell me, other than using iconic characters, in what ways can mariokart even come close lol?

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MariaHelFutura1993d ago

LBP Karting is a great game. It is very fun. No one is getting shot in the head.... but you'll smile while playing it.

Phil321992d ago

Yeah, $25 seems like a nice price. I'm sure it's a great game, but the demo put me off. There was lots of rubber-banding in the AI from what I could tell.

I just hope I'll be able to get it. I don't know how much hype there is for the game.

f7897901993d ago

For $25? Does it matter?

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showtimefolks1992d ago

i really hope amazon and newegg put on some of these deals online cause getting though the crowd to buy a game when its hard to find an employee who can come unlock the case for you the get the game

i am working on friday have online at work so anything available online i am interested by the time i get to any store most deals would be out

dirthurts1992d ago

To be honest, LBP Karting doesn't look like the developers best work. Doesn't look fun at all to me.
That being said, there is are plenty of other greater games out there right now that can be found for less.

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ChR0n1k1993d ago

I hope the targets in Canada open up soon so we can also get some of these deals! Little Big Planet karting is a sweet deal!

Outsider-G1992d ago

Hopefully for Boxing Day

ChR0n1k1992d ago

Yep I always go crazy and grab some games on boxing day depending on the deals. Always very low prices on collector's and special editions of games for some reason.

profgerbik1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Kind of a sucky sale at Target, not wasting my time going there that is for sure. I could careless about any of those games honestly. Just me I suppose.

I am not excited about LBP Karting either.. Too many karting games that are too alike.

andibandit1992d ago

Lbp karting is mediocre at best, i`d wait for it to hit the bargain bin and get something else now

Agheil1992d ago

I played the beta so much I would love to see how the full game turned out

homer1993d ago

Walmart is better. $40 AC3, $25 Borderlands 2, $25 XCOM, $25 Dishonored, $15 Max Payne 3, and $10 LA NOIRE.

Snookies121992d ago

Yeah, but expect a crap-ton of people to have to push through to get to those things. I expect Target won't have nearly as many there, as most people are most likely going for WalMart and BestBuy.

BLAKHOODe1992d ago

True, somewhat. It just depends. My Walmart wasn't too hard to get around last year.. they did a good job separating the "big sale" items in the store and having sales start at various times. They have so much stuff on sale this year it's going to be pure hell dealing with Walmart. Gotta save $$$ somehow, though.

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