Call of Duty: Black Ops II (Campaign) Review (Pressfire)

Pressfire writes: "We reviewers often have an urge to point out just how unoriginal military shooters have become."

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NewMonday2227d ago

harde time understanding the translated text, but from what I can make out:

mostly positive about the game, liking the shooting and the story.
complaints center on losing control in cinematic moments , and on the linearity of the game

brish2226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

My eyes, and ears are bleeding!

It's still more credible than a real IGN review! ;-)

EyesAblaze2227d ago

Why bother reviewing it? Millions will be sold regardless.

FamilyGuy2226d ago

Where are the other reviews, I've been waiting a while for these blak-ops 2 ones to roll out.

finbars752226d ago

I agree with you on this one.The reviews arent going to stop this game from selling millions.Its pretty bad when one game can make so much money but we cant solve world hunger ect.Who would of figured.

Cosmit2225d ago

Here's an idea. Get off N4G and anything gaming related and YOU start the biggest movement for world hunger instead of complaining about it.

finbars752224d ago

Cosmit I was being sarcastic idiot but oh yeah I forgot N4G is full of mindless kids who really have no clue about humour and games.

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Hoje03082226d ago

You played it? Or are you just trolling?

KingOptimusAscend1112226d ago

I got it early and I played it, not impressed at all. Sucks like every other COD game since MW2.

victoryscreeeeeech2227d ago

Thank you Google, for translating the page

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