Mario Kart Wii boxed, logo'd

Joystiq reports: "If the official Mario Kart Wii box art tells us anything, it's that we won't be waltzing out of the local game store with a standard-issue game case tucked neatly into our back pocket. No, we'll be lugging around an actual box -- and for what? The Wii Wheel. We can't imagine Nintendo's gonna charge extra for this 2-cent hunk of plastic, but it's the inconvenience that irks us: another box to break down, another prop cluttering the coffee table. What say we round these wheels up and send 'em on a one-way rocket to the sun!"

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KeiZka3840d ago

Hmm... Seems to be a tad dull box art. Shame. Earlier ones were rather amusing, but then again this one's more to the "cool" image Wii currently has... Simplified.

Marceles3840d ago

Yeah, I guess they're keeping the same style as the DS box art

Gish3839d ago

Is it just me or would trying to steer with no force feedback, or "end point" (maximum turning endpoint) be exremely hard? I don't have a wii but when i played motorstorm using motion, it was hard as hell. You get no feel for the steering. Wii may be different but give me the N64 controller and kart and i am happy. Motion playing isnt good for every game out there.

Si-Pie3839d ago

Im sure ive read that you can use the gamecube controller instead of the wiimote. Im still waiting for nintendo to release Super Mario Kart on virtual console.

Sony Soldiers3839d ago

So is there going to be a change in gameplay? Or is it going to be the original Mario Kart for SNES with motion controls (lame)?

Oh wait, this IS Nintendo...

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The story is too old to be commented.