Wii U’s Web Browser is Apparently Better Than Any Console Before It… or Internet Explorer 10

Gengame: "We may not know much about Wii U’s online capabilities, but thanks to an HTML5 benchmark test performed on the Wii U’s brand-spanking-new web browser, we’ve got at least one piece of reassurance under our belts: as far as handling the dominant coding language of the Internet, Wii U is actually better than any game console ever released – and even better than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 10."

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wishingW3L1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

IDK, IE10 is now just as good as Chrome or Firefox.

And being the best at HTML5 means crap since most websites still hasn't been upgraded to it, websites are still using Flash and the Wii U doesn't supports it! So you would not be able to see most videos on the internet. (and no porn on the Wii U either unless you can find a porn site in HTML5)

vallencer1839d ago

Smartglass is a joke. I've used it and its more work to use smartglass than it is to use a controller or just speak with your kinect.

iamnsuperman1839d ago

Very true. It is great idea to make it good at HTML5, especially when looking at the future, but too many websites today still use flash and I am not sure how long the tradition to the HTML 5 will take but it will take a few years

WiiUalpha1839d ago

I see you are running with the argument I started but of course you don't actually understand it so of course you failed... Videos wont really be an issue. The issue comoes from the sites that use Java or Flash. You'll be able to watch any video on the net but you wont for example check any FB apps or things like that....

youtube and all its videos will work perfectly so will most other videos...

The real issue here is that with only HTML5 support, they are stuck if it does not become the standard.

Wolfbiker1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

How are they stuck? That can easily be added via an update.

corrus1839d ago

Is true that you can't watch porn on WII U's browser but is for kids what you want some 12 or 13 years old to watch porn that is way WII U'S browser not have flash

Wolfbiker1839d ago

Kids use computers too... And they can access porn.

StarCSR1839d ago

Yeah. I almost forgot... Only kids will play games on a WiiU. *sigh*

guitarded771839d ago

@ corrus

I'm going to join the chorus (zing) of replies here. It's a bit silly to think the browser is just for kids. If the owner wants to block something with parental controls, cool. But Nintendo doesn't need to censor things.

3GenGames1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

You apparently don't know how far ahead browsers from 2 years ago have come to pass IE10 already.

IE is way better compared to it's self, but still not anywhere close to real browsers like Chrome Firefox, and Opera. Everyone making a site for IE will still be designing around IE6 bugs for years, like I have to now. IE sucks.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

You should have stopped at "IDK"

lol best browser made for console gamers with only regular controllers is on pc!

Because life is not far sometimes.

And it has flash! so porn is very watchable.

SilentNegotiator1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Better than other console browsers and IE?
Talk about winning best turd in show.

BTW, The Wii controller is not multitouch. I doubt it even topples the default Android browser.

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WiiUalpha1839d ago

It's close to IE10 but it does not beat it. Think IE is 230 on the chart and Wii U browser is like 223. very very close but then again IE supports more than just HTML5

Chrono1839d ago

But not better than Android browsers, that's for sure.

Neonridr1839d ago

not bad for a console browser though. I mean we are comparing the browser capabilities to a desktop computer which is dedicated for things like surfing the net.

I wonder how mobile devices compare to the Wii U's broswer. Do the mobile versions of apple and android devices use the full featured Safari and Chrome? Or are they simplified down for the phones?

Jason1431839d ago

Steam's big picture mode has the best tv browser period.

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