Halo 4 Glitches Guide

GR - "Halo 4 is a highly polished game, but it's still got a number of glitches."

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AvidGamerrrr1835d ago

Wtf is a glitches guide? This site posts such garbage.

PtRoLLFacE1835d ago

i just hope people don't complaint if they get banned from game from using glitches, since this is tittle as a "guide" they letting people know how to do them, so there no accident excuse, i didn't read this so called guide nor i need to, if they are xp glitches expect people to get banned

Eiffel1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

I highly doubt you'd get banned for glitching, the fault is on the developer for having oversights like these in their games. Promoting it is one of the better ways to rectifying it by bringing popular attention. A guide will actually help the developers better understand the process of how it's done.

They'll no doubt be corrected by a patch.

PtRoLLFacE1835d ago

yeah remember halo reach!

killerhog1835d ago

What ever helps you sleep at night bro. Glitching is an exploit that can get you banned. Try it, get banned and use the good ol' "it's the developers fault, I'm simply using it to show the devs how to rectify it as I use this exploit to have an unfair advantage/progression in the game" and tell us if you get unbanned lol.

Eiffel1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )


I'm glad you were so vocal as to let everyone know my point went right over your head. Too bad there's no exploit for better reading comprehension.

Bakkies1835d ago

Halo 4 is the bestest creation ever, brought upon us by the Mormon Jesus: Joseph Smith, created by magic and angel tears.

Halo 4 doesn't have glitches.

killerhog1835d ago

Yeah it's a perfect 10/10 game /s.

ambientFLIER1834d ago

10/10 games aren't perfect. No game is. They are just so good, that any small complaint is overshadowed by the rest of the game.