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IGN: "Angry Birds Star Wars is a great example of how to evolve a long-running franchise & integrate a beloved brand."

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dafegamer2023d ago

seriously? a 8.8 for an angry birds game? Pls someone save us gamers

garos822023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

oh shut up.been gaming for over 20 years and tbh this version of angry birds is really fun.just chill out and enjoy it for what it is.
and ps you can't talk for"us" gamers

dafegamer2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

No you should shut up :(. So many great games which came out this year were highly underrated by ign. I cant beleive that they would give a casual game with no real goal or story an 8.8 and underrate amazing handheld games (big examples are gravity rush and assassin creed 3).Its really a shame that this so called "Gaming" has come this far

kopicha2023d ago

I would have to agree with dafegamer. for goodness sake. I didnt even bother downloading it despite free on Android. Give me a break about Angry Bird. There are much better way to spend time with games this holiday.

PS : Review from IGN is expected. I am surprise this didnt get a 10/10 /s

shammgod2023d ago

No doubt. After all of the games IGN gives the shaft to, they rate angry fu**in birds 8.8. Just more proof that IGN is garbage and don't know what the hell they are talking about

dafegamer2023d ago

so true. its the sad truth

kopicha2022d ago

wow 2 disagree on my comment. how amazing. i cannot imagine the moron who actually disagree me actually prefer playing Angry Bird over Halo 4 or COD:BO2 over this holiday. And much more like AC3, Forza, NFS and countless good games to name them. But the moron disagree me likes Angry Bird over those games. How sad gaming community has become these days? Really sad....

Soldierone2023d ago

Watching the trailer for the game, installing now since its free on Android. However so far all I see is they re-skinned Angry Birds into Star Wars (which isn't hard since its a side view basic game)

I mean yeah its cool for Star Wars fans like me, and a bit fun for Angry Birds fans but beyond that? They scored this game better than Liberation AND Assassins Creed 3.....really now?

jghvhv2023d ago

No thanks.I'm holding out until the PS3 version comes out for €40.

jghvhv2023d ago

Crap,I forgot to put the /s so the stiffs would know I was joking.

TemplarDante2023d ago

8.8 / 10
Gaming media has sold us out.

EmperorDalek2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )


Its fun, easy to get in to, graphics suit the game. Why shouldn't it get an 8.8?

admiralvic2023d ago

Simply put. IGN rated a number of popular games lower than this and now the butthurt people think it's a slap in the face that someone enjoyed this.

r212023d ago

8.8 for Angry Birds and 6.5 for LBPK....Hmmmmmmmm

EmperorDalek2023d ago

And your point is?

Honestly, comparing scores of two completely different games in two completely different genres is just plain futile. How does LBPK compare to other Karting games?

r212023d ago

Nothing, just wanted to talk bout scores that IGN gave recently...

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