5 Games Nintendo Needs to Resurrect for Wii U

WC writes: Pikmin 3 was finally announced on stage after years of teasing, giving fans of the series the long awaited sequel they’d been asking for. So with Nintendo’s E3 press conference a distant memory and Wii U fast approaching what other franchises could benefit from a new lease of life on Nintendo’s newest system.

There are plenty of awesome properties that in my opinion, should they be released on the new platform, would make Nintendo a whole heap of cash. So, let’s get right into what those properties are shall we?

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MNGamer-N2053d ago

It's going to end up being a long list of must-haves for this system. Nintendo is going to bring some amazing games over the next few years, each one of them a solid reason to buy Nintendo's newest console IMO. MarioKartU, a Fire Emblem game, etc. etc are others that will sell like crazy.

TooTall192053d ago

The launch lineup doesn't interest me, but I hope Luigi's Mansion 2 turns out to be good.

Deku-Johnny2053d ago

Agreed and I'm really hoping something comes of Nintendo's announcement earlier this year that they're working on at least three new IPs.

TooTall192053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

Diddy Kong Racing
Wave Race
Blast Corps

Edit: An Advance Wars game would be neat also

guitarded772053d ago

Christ I hate this whataculture site. Every list is spread across n+1 pages. I click all the way through to number 1 hoping for something insightful and I get a F'n question mark. All this site does is make lists and spread them across as many pages as possible for hits. The only games on the list that could technically be resurrected are F-Zero and StarFox... the other 2 on the list have recent games. This is really pathetic.

jagstatboy2053d ago

I so agree with number one on this list. I sincerely hope that "?" comes out on the WiiU.

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The story is too old to be commented.