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Liberation Maiden Review | Geek Revolt

GR's Damion Julien-Rohman writes:

Back in October of last year, Japanese studio Level-5 got a group of developers together to create a collection of games for the 3DS titled Guild-01. The games included a tabletop RPG card game by Professor Layton creator Yasumi Matuno, and a fun-looking baggage handling sim set in an airport by Seaman creator Yoot Saito. The always deeper-than-you-think Suda 51 of Grasshopper Manufacture fame was also brought on board - his contribution being Liberation Maiden, a shooter that has you piloting a mech as the Second President of Japan. A fourth game created by one half of the comedy team American Zarigani was also produced. (3DS, Liberation Maiden) 7.5/10

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