GTA 5: The Backlash Has Begun

NowGamer: Most fans are happy with the GTA 5 reveal but not all, as other GTA fans say Rockstar has 'ruined the game' and called them 'lazy'.

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Jinkies1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Seems like it's just about the switchable characters to be honest, I feel the same way. Well least people arn't letting the fact it's Rockstar cloud their judgment. Remember how hype blinded us for GTA4, then look what happened, it got perfect scores but as a GTA game it just didn't feel the same.

The best thing about GTA3, Vice City and San Andereas was that it was that characters story, they were the hero, the character development increased in each game from a silent mute character to a fully fleshed out one with CJ. Now that I can switch it's just not going to be the same, they're just going to be characters to me, nothing worth investing into.

Marquis_de_Sade1954d ago

Why are gamers such a bunch of whinging imbeciles? We know the smallest of details on this game and have yet to see this multiple character system in action, yet people are already throwing their toys out of the pram. Pathetic.

Pushagree1954d ago

Articles like this are just desperate for hits. The reception on GTA V so far has been vastly positive. Even my friends who did not like GTA IV are interested in this game, and that's saying something.

GamerToons1954d ago

I'm going to be blunt.

Gamers can stfu and deal with it.

This game is going to be awesome and I've been playing GTA for years.

It's going to be fun, huge and a great time.

People pissed and moaned about Carl in SA saying they didn't want to be a black guy.

People pissed and moaned about Niko saying they didn't wanna be some old foreigner.

All of these people have been proven wrong and still little entitled brats complain.

Naysayers can stfu because they WILL be playing this game and they WILL love it.

End of story.

calis1953d ago

"People pissed and moaned about Carl in SA saying they didn't want to be a black guy.

People pissed and moaned about Niko saying they didn't wanna be some old foreigner.

All of these people have been proven wrong and still little entitled brats complain."

How can people who complain about something they don't like be proven wrong?

ShinMaster1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Switching characters isn't really "the smallest of details". It's pretty major.
Not necessarily saying it's bad as I have not seen it yet.


Maybe they should just allow for custom characters like Saints Row. That would stop people from complaining about specific characters they don't like playing as.

Bringing back some of the wackiness of earlier games would help too instead of yoga. I don't wanna play WiiFit. I think GTAIV took itself too seriously.

Outside_ofthe_Box1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

The people that are whining are in the minority. No need to go out and say gamers are whining imbeciles.

But, yeah, it is absolutely RIDICULOUS to complain about the character switching without seeing how R* pulls it off. Hell, doubting R* in the first place is a ridiculous notion in itself.

Also, lol @ people calling R* of all people lazy.

irepbtown1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

''my friends who did not like GTA IV are interested in this game, and that's saying something''

I think many people were disappointed with GTA IV and I'm sure (from the fraction of info we've got) that GTA V is a massive improvement. The screenshots here:
are are revealing some pretty neat stuff. Repelling from a building, parachute, jets, bicycles etc (there's so much).


MikeMyers1953d ago

The vocal minority have always tried to drown out the majority, nothing new. Most people still don't even bother commenting on forums to begin with. If the game sells 20 million copies how many actually voice their opinions within game forums like this one? Now add up those who have backlashed about GTA 5, that's even less.

chazjamie1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

i cant be the only one excited for switchable characters. do people not understands how amazing that sounds, esp for a rockstar game. they are amazing at what they do. if anything these irritating gamer's should be embarrassed for reacting this way. Every time a sequel comes out, its the same old song.

People cry for something different (and bitch about innovation), then these assholes play the game and cry even more about how they want the same old formula. all i have to say you to you assholes, who are disappointed with gta 5 is f *uck you. you have no idea what you complaining about. you are the reason gaming industry is in such a terrible position. you are the reason crap like warfighter exits.

danieldeath1953d ago

So you are complaining about the people complaining ?

insomnium21953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )


"People pissed and moaned about Carl in SA saying they didn't want to be a black guy. "

SA was way too ghetto for my taste. I played a few hours and quit and never went back. Nothing against black people but Carl and the people around him were way too stereotypical ghetto black people it made the game downright unplayable for me. I NEVER complained about it though :) Just wasn't for me.

GTA 4 was good. I never finished it (been thinking about starting all over) though. I don't really care about GTA 5 at this point. The last of us has teh storiez that I think will get me involved so I'm more excited about that one.

RumbleFish1953d ago

If people only could wait until they've played the game before they start bitchin' about things they don't know how they will feel and how they will serve the game and story telling.

Old McGroin1953d ago

After reading the complaints in the article I have to ask, how did these monkeys escape from their cages and who the hell taught them how to type?!

bozebo1953d ago

I'm kind of expecting it to be better than SA. They had their time with IV and RDR to flesh out the RAGE engine, V has been quietly stewing at Rockstar North for ages. The style of SA/Los Santos and the grittier way they approached IV should combine well, I hope the driving feels smoother/lighter though.

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Pushagree1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

People are completely misunderstanding the character system. There are no forced switches, you can switch anytime or not at all. All of the characters stories interlace into one another and going into another character will let you see the game from a different perpective (Think about the diamond sub-story in GTA IV, but bigger). This creates a very dynamic game storywise, or triples the replay value if you choose to simply play as one character throughout the whole game. It's pure genius, really.

iamnsuperman1954d ago

I wouldn't call it pure genius just yet. I am holding my judgement about the system until I see and play it for myself. I like Rockstar and how they can create interesting stories but I just do not want 3 half ass stories.

Elwenil1954d ago

I'll admit I am not happy about the multiple characters and the switching. I was really hoping for a good story more like GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption. I can't see how they are going to make me feel a connection with a character when I'm always swapping between three of them. Remember John Marston and how you felt at the end of RDR? Is it going to be possible to "care" about my character if we switch all the time or if the story has lots of points where the dialog is generic to fit all three characters? I guess I will have to wait and see.

I will still buy it since the lure of the huge map and all the stuff to explore in a GTA world is just too great but I hope that they haven't dumbed it down for the ADD crowd. The idea of swapping characters to "stay in the action" and having stuff like aircraft and possibly the map unlocked in the beginning just seems like there won't be much to look forward to. Half the fun to me was exploring as far as I could go and then playing the story so I could unlock the next map area or other cool stuff like the aircraft or armored vehicles. Just my .02

Marquis_de_Sade1954d ago

Elwenil, how about waiting to see how it's implemented? GTAIV effectively had multiple characters playable within the same environment and time frame and I thought as a complete game with all the DLC it was only stronger as a whole. The Grand Theft Auto games have always had a wacky and diverse range of characters that I have been able to connect with, not just the player character, I'm sure GTAV will be no different in this sense.

unchartedxplorer1954d ago

That really does explain the Grand Theft Auto 4 dlcs. When Houser said they were experimenting with the dlcs he must mean that they were experimenting with multiple characters with intertwining stories in the TLAD and TBOGT. Which explains why they have multiple characters here, they must have thought the "experiment" went really well.

Elwenil1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Marquis_de_Sade, how about reading my entire comment before jumping to the conclusion that I am ranting about something? I clearly stated that I would have to wait and see how it went and also stated that I would be buying the game.

Also, GTA IV did have multiple characters, but on completely different storylines that only occasionally crossed paths. They were not always together where you could swap between them, at best they were not much more than cameo appearances. Not once during the GTA IV game was I given the option to swap from Niko to another playable character during a mission, nor do I remember being able to swap from Luis to Johnny in the DLC missions. Big difference in setting new stories with new characters in the same world and putting multiple characters in the same story at the same time.

In the end I guess I expect more from my storytelling than you.

Marquis_de_Sade1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Why so defensive? Perhaps you should try reading my post as not once did I imply you were ranting, I merely questioned your ".02".

I'm well aware the paths of the 3 protagonists in GTAIV didn't overlap a lot, but it's called progression and served as a toe in the water for Rockstar and what they will provide with GTAV.

(what unchartedxplorer said)

A-Glorious-Dawn1953d ago

Yeah I have loved every Rockstar game to date so I know this will be good.

To the people saying they won't be able to feel a connection to a character because of possible switching; Is it really impossible for you to be interested in multiple character development? I find this prospect to be far more interesting.

Not to mention that missions- which got repetitive and stale in many previous iterations of GTA- will be far more diverse with the option of controlling different characters.

If you can't see the benefits of this idea than try to use your imagination a little more.

nullkrush1953d ago

A-Glorious-Dawn: My thoughts exactly. How can someone be so quick to dismiss the 3 character story as something that would hinder your ability to care for the character/s you are playing. Especially if the game isn't even released yet. How do you know you wont feel connected to all three? Maybe people should just give Rockstar the benefit of the doubt. They are doing what everyone wants in the end. Innovating.

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Rubberlegs1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Each of the three characters all of their stories. The GI issue talks about this, they each have their own fleshed out background and how they came to be in the game.
Its not like the past lead GTA characters you learned their whole life story. They give a small glimpse of their background and that's about it.

These new characters sound even more fleshed out and they are all different from each other. One has a family and kids which none of past lead GTA characters have had. They have always been single guys trying to make something out of themselves.

Godchild10201954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

I thought people wanted more than one character in GTA, due to the awesomeness of the DLC; The lost and the Damned and Balled of Gay Tony.

I'm all for more than one character as long as their stories meet in some way and we don't just jump from one character to another after each mission or two.

Give me a choice to play with one character from the beginning and pick a new one, once I start a new game. I haven't read the GameInformer info yet, waiting for my Magazine to come.

GraveLord1954d ago

They are taking a huge risk here. They're not playing ti safe in any way. I with more developers did stuff like this with their AAA franchises.

Outside_ofthe_Box1953d ago

***"I with more developers did stuff like this with their AAA franchises."***

Like CoD? Nah, I doubt you'll admit that.

But agreed on R* taking a huge risk and pushing the envelope. I wish more developers would do it as well, but most don't that have credentials or talent to pull it off like R*.

KwietStorm1954d ago

What else didn't you like about the game? The car handling? The new gun mechanics? The ending? Oh wait a minute...

C0MPUT3R1954d ago

Yeah. God Damn Rockstar for making the biggest, most detailed world in videogame history! Bastards! /s.

BlmThug1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

I'm a sceptic currently regarding that feature but R* have never dissapointed me before so i'm sure if anyone can make such a idea work, it's them. Gta V Ultimate Edition Day 1 :D I also hate how people moan about developers not being daring enough yet when a dev actually thinks outside the box, they moan more :/

Anon19741954d ago

I disagree whole heartily with the notion that somehow GTA4 ruined the characters. For me, GTA3, Vice City and especially San Andreas had terrible characters with no development to speak of, just cookie cutter genre stereotypes. San Andreas was the worst, and was the only of the main GTA games that I just couldn't finish because I simply didn't care about the story.

GTA4's characters were fantastic and absolutely raised the bar in video game storytelling. Niko was the perfect, damaged hero. And once you learned to just ignore your phone, GTA4 was, hands down, the best Grand Theft Auto game in the series. Finally, the city felt alive and not just a arcade cartoon, and it served as a perfect backdrop to an amazing, well written and acted adult story.

Oh_Yeah1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

I don't care.. But The best option would have been if they allowed us to create our own character.. Every game as open as this should have that option.

omi25p1953d ago

GTA IV is the best GTA.

GribbleGrunger1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

So, some no nothing site quotes a few people who don't like the idea of interchangeable characters and we have an article fit for publication? Really?

milohighclub1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Personally I feel it's a welcome change. These guys calling rockstarlazy seem to have forgotten the amount of work they'll have to put in to make a world bigger than all their previous games combined.

Also they need to stop jumping to conclusions as there's no way your gonna have to play as three for all missions. It will be specific missions only and each character is gonna have a fully fleshed out story of there own(lazy i know). Think of it as bee able to play gtaiv plus all the dlc without having to separately load the dlc. And when the stories cross, I reckon it will be then and only then that you are to play as 3 characters at once. Ever though that you don't have to switch characters. I'm sure that there will be some times when your forced to but the majority of the time you'll most likely be able to complete the mission without having to switch.
This is R* remember, why would they purposely put people off the game??? Have some f-ing faith.

Shotcalm1953d ago

the entire time i was reading your comment in a light whiney voice and it fit the content perfectly...

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Double_Oh_Snap1954d ago

Thank god R* are actually challenging themselves instead of playing it safe. My thoughts on the switching protagonists are still undecided until spring when I play it myself. Although this could add some crazy depth to gameplay.

R* did not lie about this being there largest and most ambitious game ever, Kudos to them. People will hate on everything these days .

If people actually read the entire GI story it's quite incredible. I mean they revamped every mechanic in the game. Every npc is fully mocapped now, for insane detail. The dynamic missions, tons of activities. Dynamic fluid physics. I mean Trevor poured gasoline all over a truck. Made a line away from said truck threw a zippo down, and the flame flew to truck and boom. Just glorious, not to mention the map unbelievably big.

Keep in my mind I didn't right down nearly all the details.

RivetCityGhoul1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

but people are not asking for that. you know what people want? GTA San Andreas V2, were not asking for all this crap that has nothing to do with GTA. look what happened with GTA IV most anticipated game of 2008 and it was a commercial disappointment. they took everything that was good about the PS2 games and stripped mostly everything. what good is a big ass map if its not fun.

Double_Oh_Snap1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

I understand your points, we will just have to wait an see. this is the only first preview of the game. There are still a ton of questions to be answered. Some in due time, and some when we actually play for ourselves. For now I just trust R* North always have and always will. Oh and btw commercial stands for sales and GTA IV broke every record when it released, so yeah... ;)

Jinkies1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

"Hey Rockstar we want the Gym back, Tatto Shop and a Car Garage to pimp out our ride"

"How about some Yoga or Rockclimbing"



"will. Oh and btw commercial stands for sales and GTA IV broke every record when it released, so yeah"

Yeah it's called blinded us all.

mephish1954d ago

I sure as hell don't want SA v2...

IV IMO is the best in the series to date. add in the episodes and its one of the best games of this Gen...

and pretty sure IV sold very very well.

Eyeco1954d ago

I found GTA4 do be a great game if your new to the franchise, imo I didn't find it much fun, i thought SA set a benchmark that should have refined instead they kinda went backwards and although its the most refined GTA game in the sense that its more simple that its predecessor, its just not the most fun for me, the mission structures got repetitive real quick, which is funny because reviewers were quick to criticise SA for this but the same criticism is absent in GTA 4 which is way more monotonous, there wasn't much to do after you beat it compared to SA.

I also had tons of minor annoyances with the game like having to to tap X run, awkward driving physics especially on the motorbike, apparently Niko doesn't wear a seatbelt when in the car, getting head shotte'd in the car, lack of customisation, pretty bland story, lack of properties, easy wanted level system, getting an automatic 2 stars by walking away from a cop and losing half your health, poor cover system, mediocre soundtrack.

I did like, the whole city it was believable,gun play was excellent despite the awkward aiming, Brucie, the moral choices, the robbery mission, Lil Jacob. And that's about it. Good game just nowhere near as good as critics rated it to be, I actually found RDR to be a much superior game much to my surprise.

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nullkrush1953d ago

@ Jinkies

"Its called hype... it blinded us all"

...and by 'all' you mean 'you and a small portion of the gaming population'

If you read the article, it explains why they did not include certain features. I'm assuming you are upset because you can't make the characters gain/lose weight. Also, who even really cares if your character can't go to a tattoo shop. Is that actually something people complain about not being in the game? Really?

koehler831954d ago

Really? I'm psyched about GTA V!

Just can't please some people I guess.

soundslike1954d ago

I think the game will never leave my ps3 for months when it arrives.

That said, I wish they didn't give us such unrelatable characters. I get they are trying to make them realistic to the type of actions you do in the game, so A for effort.

boldscot1954d ago

What a bunch of egotistical morons. They have ruined the game, the game is destroyed? you haven't even played the game!
It seems as what some people want is SA with better graphics.
Rockstar are doing what they want to do with the game, what they did when they released all their other games, the games ye love and yet had no input on them.
How did we end up at this stage where gamers think they have the right to tell a successful developer how to make their games?

Hasanhastam1954d ago

Im agree with this comment:R* add shitty yoga and dont add buying property

DavidMacDougall1954d ago

Yeah i liked upgrading my properties in vice and san andreas, why they have not added it back in by now i have no fuckin clue.

I find it odd they have kept the phone friends bs in when everybody hated it.