Are single-player first-person shooter campaigns a lost cause?

The Independent: "Half-Life 3, if you’re out there, you’ve got a lot of hopes resting on your shoulders."

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ElementX2019d ago

No. Moving right along...

otherZinc2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Perfect example of Peter Moleneux's comments on reviewers not playing games & not knowing what the hell theyre talking about.

Halo is different everytime you play it. Its a sandbox shooter with a fantastic "Star Wars" quality story!

Halo has "Best Selling List" Novels based on the "Story" not the Multiplayer.

Now if your single player game is "Scripted": COD, MOH, BF, "New" Ghost Recon:FS", etc... then the single player is an issue!

Halo & Half-Life can be in the same sentence due to its sandbox style of play.
However: Halo stands alone as it can be sandbox & play the entire "Campaign" in 4 player co-op!, Without being cell-shaded.

Also, the author mentioned playing COD on Veteran: same scripted events!!! It will be the same game, same pop up shooting.
Halo on Heroic: different game everytime you play! Not Scripted, Not Corridor, You play as you like!

Well said comment below.

ATi_Elite2019d ago

NOPE.....Cause Half Life 2 Ep3 SP Campaign is gonna once again set a new Benchmark in Gaming!

Plus Metro Last Light SP campaign is gonna be good....Bioshock Infinite aswell.

SP campaigns all depends on if the Dev/pub wants a quality title or if they are just trying to copy COD MP!

Anyone wanna tell me how Halo 4 campaign is? good or bad let me know!

awi59512018d ago

Go play half-life 2 and say that pc version of course.

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t0mmyb0y2019d ago

I prefer a single player FPS almost more than online. Call me weird?

t0mmyb0y2018d ago

It was a question lol. I thought most people these days preferred online gaming is all.

e-p-ayeaH2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

That´s the true essence for buying a specific game in my opinion.

Legend2019d ago

That's good Ricky! It means you're thinking!

Panthers2019d ago

I am so done with online FPS games. I only play single player now.

JsonHenry2019d ago

Depends on the game. I've never played through a CoD, Battlefield, or MoH campaign since the first games in the series. But I love the multiplayer. But give me a STALKER, Bioshock, or Doom game and I will play the single player.

The Meerkat2019d ago

No. Black Ops and Bioshock both contained WTF moments you can't get from MP

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