IGN's Patapon Review

Jeff Haynes from IGN writes:

"Every now and then, gamers are treated to a title that's so engaging, so enjoyable and so indescribable that it's hard to put your finger on it. Sony has capitalized on this situation time and time again with their rhythm games, literally creating the genre. For example, they introduced the rapping beats of Parappa the Rapper in 1997. This was soon followed by Vib Ribbon two years later which re-invented music tracks as game levels. Frequency and its follow-up proved that keeping time with tunes was engaging and fun. Now comes the most recent rhythm title from Sony – a little UMD disc known as Patapon, which is not only one of the best rhythm games ever released, it's also one of the best titles for the PSP."

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Mr_Kuwabara3833d ago

I used the PC PSN store for the first time yesterday downloading the demo towards my PSP and wow the game just blew me away. It was a tad bit difficult to understand (takes like 10 minutes or so to understand the concept of the game and to not get confused by using different rhythm based abilities) but once you get the hand of costumizing your Pata army and knowing where to place your soldiers for a conquest against the opposite enemy, you'll love everything about it.

To be honest, the demo was one of the best PSP demo's I've played. It had a lot of content for what it was.

fusionboxer3833d ago

Patapon tends to mix so many genres together (action, rpg, side scrolling, rhythm, rts, etc.) that it feels like nothing I've ever played before.

Like kuwa said it's got a nice little barrier for those that aren't really open to these kinds of games, but it certainly sucks you in when you realize the depth.

The game is enjoyable whether your going to previous areas to hunt for materials to create special soldiers or battling it out with giant monsters.

I found out quickly in the demo that your rewarded for your hard work and preparation. You can push through one level at a time, but if you take the time to gather up the materials and back track to improve your army and equips then you'll have the edge in battle and some funny as hell moments against enemies that used to be difficult.

Definitely a day one purchase for me and if you enjoyed this game and also feel this is true innovation then help reward this innovation by spreading how great this game through your lips to other gamers or psp owners you happen to meet.

godoftime3833d ago

try out the demo, ive never played games like these so maybe ill be surprised and likeit. good to see games being released on the psp, helps justify buyingit, waiting for god of war!!

pwnsause3833d ago

I loved it so much, amazing game, epic beats!

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