Microsoft files patent for device that enforces licenses through visual surveillance

Microsoft has filed a patent for a system that could potentially use a camera to determine whether you're breaking its content-viewing rules or not. US Patent Application 20120278904 describes the ability to use a Kinect-like camera-enabled device for "continuously monitoring a number of users at a display device during the performance of [some] content," which basically means the camera would watch the faces of anyone watching a display showing licensed content (like a movie or a game), and then track those faces to see if the viewers had appropriately licensed it.

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Abash1989d ago

I would never be ok with this, being constantly monitored while gaming in my own home is just a disgusting thought

AusRogo1989d ago

Well if this does happen I definatly won't buy a kinect. Like you said, the thought of being watched in my own home is disgusting.

Pathosverdes31988d ago

What if the nextbox has kinect built in, and it can't be turned off?

vitullo311988d ago

stupidest shit I ever heard of

majiebeast1989d ago

Big microsoft is watching you.

Ben_Grimm1989d ago

I'm pretty sure that this is old news.

konnerbllb1988d ago

Yep. It was on news sites last week/weekend.

Outside_ofthe_Box1989d ago

Didn't we have an article about this already?

VTKC1989d ago

isnt this like voyuerism for microsoft? that excuse doesnt cut it for me about the content viewing rules.

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The story is too old to be commented.