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First In-game picture of Castlevania Lords Of Shadow 2

Producer Dave Cox posted in twitter a new pic for Castlevania lords of shadow 2 (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Credit url: img.ly
camel_toad  +   523d ago
Purty. Ready for this one.
Mounce  +   522d ago
I hope my body can take it.
Hanso  +   523d ago
looks good
cant wait to get my hands on CLoS2
XXXL  +   523d ago
Cant wait. Hope it's as long or longer than the 1st one
PirateThom  +   523d ago
I have the first one in my list to play, might do it once I finish Yakuza 3.
Hanso  +   523d ago
its pretty good imo but the dlc is not so good
better save your money and watch the dlc's on youtube
KrimsonKody  +   523d ago
Well, gameplay wise, the DLC slacked a lil' bit.
But story wise, those DLC kind of concludes the complete story.
Yes, they're not quite neccesary, but you will need them to reach 100% completion.
Eamon  +   523d ago
Loved the twist in the ending after credits.
KrimsonKody  +   523d ago
I just nutted!

I loved Lords of Shadows!
I brought it & played it frequently until I got my 100%
Definitely one of the most entertaining games this gen!
eferreira  +   523d ago
lords of shadow was a great game. Can't wait for this one.
mafiahajeri  +   523d ago
I loved the loire and the atmosphere but hated those DAMN! Chapucabras! ):(

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