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Is ‘Resident Evil 6′ The End Of The Series?

Games are like time bombs. Not with respect to sales, but with respect to the scrutiny they go through. This is especially an aggravated scenario for a series where one game sets phenomenal standards for its successors to follow. And if the follow ups do not live up to the hype, they get bashed to hell. The Resident Evil series is at the Apex of such scrutiny. (Industry, PC, PS3, Resident Evil 6, Xbox 360)

RivetCityGhoul  +   812d ago
its the end to me, im never buying another RE again.
Snookies12  +   812d ago
To be fair, they COULD go back to the series' roots at some point. Though with it being Capcom, I seriously doubt they will. They hate doing things their fans will appreciate lol.
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jeeves86  +   811d ago
Maybe they'll reboot the franchise? That could go either way though, making it awesome, or terrible.

*rocks silently back and forth in the corner*
XB1_PS4  +   811d ago
You're right, I literally hate that capcom does that. It's like a slap in the face. Everyone pleads to capcom that they want something, and they blatantly take the opposite route. It sucks.. I used to love capcom when I was younger.
darkride66  +   811d ago
Why would they ever go back to the series roots? Consumers opened their wallets in a big way with RE5 and 6. Clearly the series has moved in a direction that's commercially viable for the company. Few series bring in the type of numbers we see from Resident Evil, and it's certainly selling better now than previous entries in the series. Love it or hate it, this is what Resident Evil is now and Capcom will keep doing what they need to maximize their profits. Nothing wrong with that. You think Halo or COD would be more popular if they just catered to the hardcore fans of the genre? Resident Evil is no different. It just makes sense.
knowyourstuff  +   810d ago
Yeah, 3.5 million sold and counting and it's the end of the franchise... right... it just goes to show how people don't know jack about business.

If it sold under a million copies, it would be the end. People voted with their wallets and now RE will continue along the path that it has until it stops selling. Unfortunately Capcom doesn't have a clue why RE6 is selling so well, they'll just assume it's because of all the Michael Bay moments and cover shooter mechanics, which I'm sure they won't get rid of anytime soon. It will take another good horror franchise to sell well to get Capcom to realize there is a large market for that kind of game. In the mean time, RE7 will likely continue along this path.
aquamala  +   812d ago
of course not, looking forward to RE7.
iChii  +   811d ago
Nah, they'll probably milk the franchise a bit since RE6 did well. I just hope the people who bought the game (Like me..) realize how bad the game is and never fall for capcom again. I said hey, Resident Evil 5 looked bad but I bought it and I liked the story and the game was fun in my opinion.. maybe the same thing will happen with RE6- NO. I'VE NEVER TAKEN MORE THAN 2 WEEKS TO FINISH A GAME AND I'VE HAD RE6 SINCE DAY TWO AND I'VE ONLY COMPLETED LEON'S CAMPAIGN. The game is just..not fun at all.
LiquidSword93  +   811d ago
I f**ckin hope its the end if they continue with this michael bay bullshit. Id rather watch re die than suffer any more. Fire those idiots who worked on 5 and 6 then beg shinji mikami back.
Der_Kommandant  +   811d ago
ape007  +   811d ago
with all honesty i really liked resi 6, of course it's not on the greatness level of resi 4 or 2 or 1 or 3 but it has some great moments and environments( as well as other horrible ones), the actual game has a lot better places than the demo, if they can focus on resi 7, they will nail it
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Hanso  +   811d ago
EVERYTIME i read: nah im done with RE franshise bla bla
then how did RE6 manage to sell a ton again ??
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LiquidSword93  +   811d ago
Thats a good question... Who the hell has been buying this game? Like what demographic? Its rly annoying..
FrostyZipper  +   811d ago
Surely you people aren't naive enough to really think that RE6 is the last we'll see of the RE franchise.
dirthurts  +   811d ago
I look forward to playing this game, despite poor reviews. I'll be waiting for a good sale though.
I've played and enjoyed all the RE games (mostly), and I'm sure this will be no exception.
Blues Cowboy  +   811d ago
I actually enjoyed Resi 6 as a cooperative shooter, but I hope that it does mark the end of the current story arc. Resi could use a reboot IMO, or perhaps a new horror centric reimagining called "Biohazard" (as it's called in Japan).

That said, I really liked Jake and Sherry's campaign, or at least their relationship. Since Capcom want to gun for more regular releases with smaller dev teams, what about a PSN/XBLA episodic series?
Plagasx  +   810d ago
Hopefully we get another game like Revelations but on consoles..
GraveLord  +   810d ago
Of course not.

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