GameTap gives 3/10 to Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles

There are just a lot of substandard mechanics at work in Altaïr's Chronicles, which is disappointing because the subject and the console game that it's based on provide such wonderful source material for a game. What you get is essentially a Prince of Persia game that doesn't do anything particularly well and does nothing to really take advantage of what the DS has to offer.

Pros: Fun but totally unoriginal touch screen minigames; the source material; using the grappling hook on soldiers and watching the hilarious bad animation ensue.

Cons: Bad camera positioning; sloppy controls; just about everything else.

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Bnet3433839d ago

For a second there, I thought it was the console versions.

PS360WII3839d ago

I'm only so far in it but I wouldn't give it this score. Someone didn't have their coffee when they wrote this either that or just got dumped. Ah well what can you do.

Da360sucks3839d ago

i give the same on the consoles

phony force slayer3838d ago

i have never liked that game. imo

MK_Red3839d ago

lol, it wouldn't be Assassin's Creed without some varied and crazy reviews. Sure, the DS version is not masterpiece but it's not 3/10 bad IMO.

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