A perfect PS3 storm: Blu-ray hotness and Xbox supply issues

Ben Kuchera of Ars Technica takes a look at the January numbers and asks how the PS3 found itself in second:

"The only system that sold more units than the PlayStation 3 was the Nintendo Wii, but this is a surprising win for Sony. The Nintendo Wii sold 274,000 units, the PlayStation 3 sold 269,000 for a close second, the Nintendo DS sold 251,000, and the Xbox 360 came in dead last with 230,000 units sold for the month. Sony has to be smiling with its system not only above its direct competitors, but within just 5,000 units of Nintendo's number one slot. So what happened?"

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ghostface3804d ago

Great news for the for sony. As of today walmart will exclusively support blu-ray

LightningPS33804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

So if PS3 sales are rising because of Blu ray, then the future looks pretty good for right now.

It's kinda cool how it works. PS3 helps Blu ray, Blu ray helps PS3. Real teamwork.

3804d ago
MikeGdaGod3804d ago

i said nothing that could be considered fanboyish and none of my comments from today have even been deleted!!!!

the moderator that banned me is a B!TCH! how can you ban someone and take away they're bubbles but nothing i said was out of order. you could at least PM me to let me know WHY i was getting banned.

Gamer Zone mods that let this happen can eat a d!ck

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Lifendz3804d ago

Great news for Sony but will this transfer over to the PS3? I dunno. I will say this, it can't hurt. And when that person who STILL hasn't "jumped in" or played "B3yond" walks into a store to buy their console, the fact that the most advanced form of movies is playable on their PS3, online is free, and the bigs are out (or close to being out), I think PS3 is the clear choice.

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squallsoft3804d ago

...was shocking, but not all that surprising. I guess the future is Blu after all?


INehalemEXI3804d ago

Signed Squall but I see Cloud. Im so confused.

Silellak3804d ago

Yay more discussion of the NPD numbers!

I swear, these days people spend more time discussing how much a console or game sells then actually PLAYING those consoles or games.

Silellak3804d ago

Fair enough. I am too, after all.

I'm just a little sick of the so many articles on N4G with slight variations just so they aren't "duplicates." If it's pro-PS3, or anti-360, you'll hear about the news half a dozen times or more.

I mean, how is this article subtantially different than all the previous articles about the NPD numbers?

DiabloRising3804d ago

I agree. I read these talkbacks and laugh at people being SO petty. I play Mario Galaxy, hop over to CoD4, and the world doesn't end!

And yeah, a lot of people are at work, but why the hate from so many? Jealousy on both ends? People need to get over it IMHO. I'd rather have a good 3way race that benefits the gamers, than one company dominate.

Baba19063804d ago

i dont even think that it is jelousy, its more like people are so bored, that they just have to fight about anything. i think all consoles have done a great job. who would have thought, that after the xbox the 360 would do such a great job. the ps3 after having a slow start is doing great. and the wii, well the wii is the wii. =D peace on earth

GodsHand3804d ago

It's called competition. Different companies set the bar high to see if the other can match or surpass it.

It's nice to have competition in this world, I would hate to see a world where everyone is a winner, you have to know what it's like to lose. But sadly it's becoming that world atleast here in the US were the weak and the strong are one in the same.

cmrbe3804d ago

Its in the context of the console war that we discuss the sales figures as it is generally regarded that whoever sells the most wins. As much as we like to discuss games we also like to discuss the console war.

Sevir043804d ago

people on the forums these days take things way to seriously... I mean just yesterday a guy who i ignorned months ago sent me a hate PM because he thought i was Japanese.... LOL!!! i posted a blog about it and the idiot actually said i sounded japanese and that i was anti american and that i was trying to force my way of thinking on him... LOL!!! it's hilarious it's like sales figures and fanboi banter tottally rule this site, what happened to the days when people just played and didn't care who was winning? just playing...


Sarick3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

This is how I see it for me.

Fear of being in last place and not owning a console that you prefer. Your choice is what drives these conversations. You see if your console is in last place devs won't support it or they'll offerer more support for the dominant console.

Look at the HD-DVD market. You see what happened to the company who lost the format war? All those early adopters lost money because large commercial retailers stopped distribution of the underdogs product.

----- !!Warning alternate reality warning!! -----

Hypothetical situation: Figure if Walmart, Gamestop, EB games, Target and Best Buy etc, suddenly decided to only sale 360 games & consoles from this point on. Why would they do this? I for one would think it'd be do to the PS3 or it's games not selling enough. In this scenario the underdog would suffer a defeating blow to sales and in effect would cause all supporter of the PS3 to be screwed losing their investments.

Very doubtful this would ever happen by deep down this is what drives these arguments. Fear of losing the war and your console getting discontinued. Akin to the saturn & dreamcast death.

----- End Warning. -----

You also have to understand the side of a gamer is to be competitive. A console war is equivalent to a political debating game in most respects. The people who're fighting in this debate game have chosen sides to support and defend. Using their wits and skills of FUD. They must work together as agents of preference to distroy their enemy console using strong words and deceptive anti-console FUD.

This is simple to understand it's a gamers nature to be competitive and a console war is an alternate form of gaming entertainment. For all those people asking why we just can't go play a game. The answer is here in plain sight. A console war is a debate form of game and people are actually entertained by it. Consider these online fights as just another game that people play and the sales figures are like scores on a leaderboard.

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Sez 3804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

i am happy for the ps3 for having a good month in jan. but lets not forget that the 360 beat the wii for one month in september. so this could also be the same thing. but congrats to the ps3 and the owners.

edit: wow i got a disagree because i said this maybe the samething that happened with the 360 in sept. what would happen next month when 360 take back NA. what will you and these analyst say then.

Nathaniel_Drake3804d ago

I disagreed because your not putting the blu-ray aspect into consideration, who knows this could be an average of what the PS3 sales because of blu-ray, which will help until the premiere games come out

I'm just saying the 360 beating the Wii one month might have been a fluke, we don't know the circumstances to this, but we do know that blu-ray has a hand in these sales increase this month, and will maybe stabilize the PS3 sales

Again not being a fanboy of any system, but there is some legitimacy to the rise in sales for the PS3

Sez 3804d ago

and not trying to be a fanboy either. but to claim that the 360 might have been a fluke when it beat the wii sept. but say the ps3 outselling the 360 isn't. i don't make excuse for a system that doesn't sell. but when the next NPD figure come out next month and the 360 outsells the ps3. what will yours and every other analyst and fanboy say then. oh sony didn't have any good games out thats why it sold low. or the ps3 is catching up in NA. like i said before congrats to the sony for having a good month but if they don't outsell 360 next month then i will chart it up the MS actually running low on suppy.

wangdiddy823804d ago

Lets just see if it keeps happening over here in the US.. Ps3 already outsells the 360 every month in europe and japan..

power of Green 3804d ago

You don't even know what you're talking about things could be so different in two or three months you could feel foolish for saying the things you're saying now.

fenderputty3804d ago

Kind of like how you, mart, firstknight, jasn360 etc etc all claimed PS3 as never being able to outsell the 360 worldwide cause of NA sales, or how you all thought Halo would do us under, or how you all claimed a 2-1 victory during the holidays, or like how you thought Europe wouldn't convert adn Japans smaller numbers wouldnt matter in the bigger picture?

I guess you should be giving advice on this since you seem to be a pro at stuff that makes you look stupid later.

LJWooly3804d ago

fenderputty, you get my bubble.

I'll guarantee you he'll end up buying a PS3 either this year or the next. Unless, of course, he's more fanboy than gamer.

One more thing, unlike the rest, I don't think Jason360 takes himself seriously. I PM'ed him, and he's pretty cool.

rawd3804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

he probably won't buy a PS3, but some sort of Bluray player or else get stuck downloading crappy downscaled vids .. i mean great super duper Digital Downloads

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