PS All-Stars Bosses we Want Instead of Polygon Man

Today Sony revealed that Polygon Man would reprise the role of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale’s big final boss. So what does the Daily Reaction crew of Seb and Dan make of the news, and who would we want instead? - PSLS

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alexcosborn2021d ago

Sephiroth or Liquid Ocelot would have been my choice.

TrendyGamers2021d ago

Sephiroth would have been awesome.

MaxXAttaxX2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )


Anyway, the boss was just announced and people are already complaining....
You DON'T have to know who Polygon Man was. Just like I didn't know wtf the hand I was fighting in SSB was, which didn't "represent" Nintendo games all that well either.
How many people even knew or remembered that hand from old Kirby game over screens?

hkgamer2021d ago


it would be nice to have a character we all know be the final boss.
and no one knew what that hand was in smash brothers... plus smash brothers has nothing to do with how disappointed people are with having polygon man as final boss.

MaxXAttaxX2021d ago

Polygon Man has come with a vendetta against all PlayStation characters because he was once a short lived mascot who was forgotten. So now he's back with a vengeance.

Again, we DON'T really have to know who he was. No one would even be complaining if this was an entirely original character. But at least he's got a bit of a back story.

YoungKingDoran2021d ago

i always thought the hand was from any game with a hand for the cursor... like FF games, the start of 90% of every old game. i thought it was genius

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Jinkies2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

Why though...they belong to a certain franchise, if Cloud was in it for example then the boss would be more personal to him but with Polygon Man it's personal to all of them because he's not from a franchise.

It's why the Master Hand in SSB is a great choice instead of just having someone like Bowser as the final boss.

Foolsjoker2021d ago

Having Sephiroth without Cloud seems odd, but I can't say I don't agree that would be a better choice.

sinncross2021d ago

I agree with the idea that perhaps singling a certain IP for a boss may not be the best idea.

That said, I prefer Polygon Man over a completely brand new, unrelated to Sony, character.

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jujubee882021d ago

Kaz Hirai + the 200lb original PS3 model

PirateThom2021d ago

Phil Harrison throwing rubber ducks.

doctorstrange2021d ago

Andrew House doing nothing and being generally forgotten.

Foolsjoker2021d ago

Kaz Hirai + Riiddddge Raaaccer car.

doctorstrange2021d ago

Ken Kutaragi + George Foreman grill

mt2021d ago

Morgan freeman + Zeus

Foolsjoker2021d ago

Jack Tretton + Nickelodeon Gak

Ben_Grimm2021d ago

ex VP Kevin Butler + his team of lawyers!

PS-ADDICT2021d ago

Woulda been weird if it asked you to scan in your moms face with the playstation eye and she would be the final boss telling you to quit playing do your homework ,and smash you with a frying pan , or yur dad with a Belt with a huge Steel buckle that says Guadalajara

dbjj120882021d ago

So long as they do massive damage.

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knifefight2020d ago

I came here post this.
My work here is done.

Nawert2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

Giant Enemy Crab x2.

Gish2021d ago

I would prefer Particle Man. Second would be Triangle Man.

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