GamerHelp: The 7 Most Controversial Video Games

GamerHelp name the most notoriously controversial games and talk about why many of them don't deserve the attention.

7: Custer's Revenge

Imagine having no Internet. No cable TV. No video rental stores. The VHS tape was still an expensive and mystic affair. You're a pubescent teen, desperate for some glimpse, any glimpse of nudity and sex. Anywhere, anyhow. JUST FIND SOME BOOBS! ANY BOOBS!.

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kewlkat0073748d ago

I think at one point didn't "DOOM" get a lot of heat from the media?

kira9893748d ago

doom would have been a nice one to put on there...

But I think Bully should have been in there instead of the Micheal jackson game...

thisguywithhair3748d ago

What is that guy talking about when he said that manhunt is a terrible game? Did he actually play that game or did he just listen to what the media said about it? Or maybe he was talking about manhunt 2. That game was pretty terrible.

MK_Red3748d ago

MK is the biggest one because. Does anyone remember the insanely huge coverage for MK3 and MK4's release on media? It was bigger than Halo 3's back in the day.

Those were the days... MK was everywhere. Hope MK8 can restore the glory of this series.

psnDevistator3563748d ago

That Custer's Revenge is pretty hot!!!

SaiyanFury3748d ago

hahaha the Atari had some of the worst looking and playing nudie games of all time. They're so bad they're classic!