CheatCC Preview: Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness - Farming in a New Light

CheatCC writes: "Ever since the mid-nineties, Harvest Moon has been a staple in the simulation genre with its unique and unorthodox gameplay approach. Who honestly could predict that a game about manual labor would be so popular with the common gamer? As the old saying goes, "repetition is sometimes good," and this quote applies directly to the majesty that is the quirky little farming sim. Aware of the cash cow down on their farm, Natsume is getting another fresh serving ready for everybody's favorite handheld, the Nintendo DS. With the touch screen at their disposal, Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness looks to take a nod from the 2006 release of Harvest Moon DS in terms of how it is used. Aside from this, there are definitely a lot of new items to look forward to as well, from characters and items to where it all usually begins: the story. "

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