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Submitted by shodaime 1187d ago | news

PlayStation Network Undergoing Maintenance Nov. 11th

Sony has revealed the PlayStation Network will be in maintenance upcoming Sunday. The maintenance will last for at least three hour. (PS Vita, PS3)

Blankman85  +   1187d ago
3 hours is not so bad. Think I'll try that" outside" thing people keep telling me about. It is supposedly like a sandbox game but only better? Lol the lies non-gamers tell themselves.
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xXBlondieVanHarlowXx  +   1187d ago
Last time i tried that "outside" thing i tried jumping over a pipe, mid-jump a weird flaming ball in the "sky" blinded me and caused me to fall. I must've lost alot of health because when i came to i realised i was reset to the inside of my house and.... so00o0o0,, yea. I think i'll just stay here for a while.
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blackblades  +   1187d ago
VonBraunschweigg  +   1186d ago
Watch out for cops though, much harder to get away from and they all have aim-assist turned on. Unbalanced to say the least, really annoying.
Nawert  +   1187d ago
Hopefully this will prevent the "PSN got hacked!" articles on that day.
pixelsword  +   1187d ago
You'd think so, wouldn't you?
godslayer429  +   1187d ago
for black ops obviously
GraveLord  +   1187d ago
Nope. For Black Ops II.
pixelsword  +   1187d ago
No, GoW has multiplayer, and it's coming soon enough that they have to prepare in advance for the flood of... meh, It's for Blops.
ThatHappyGamer  +   1187d ago
I lol'ed
ado908  +   1186d ago
You know a lot of these come up on N4G and it's rare that I ever go off... Weird or maybe just right timing idk lol

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