US game sales drop 25% in October

NBA 2K13 was the top title, outselling last year's game by over 60% in both dollars and units, but it didn't help offset steep declines overall.

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Sinner101GR2170d ago

When is NPD going to realize their numbers don't matter as much anymore....and that the money is going digital even quicker than many believed?

Akuma-2170d ago

core gamers who are the life line of the video game industry wants a mass upgrade over existing hd console.

gamers want xbox 720 and ps4.

Knight_Crawler2170d ago (Edited 2170d ago )

Well said dude...7 years of the same hardware is considered dinosaur age in the tech world and games are starting to all feel the same with minimal improvement.

Its gotten so bad for me that I was not excited about HALO 4 and I am not excited about GTA 5 because I know that we wont see much improvement from the previous games.

If MS or Sony do not announce a next gen console E3 2013 I am giving up gaming and start a new hobbie.

nukeitall2170d ago


Digital is no where near as important as physical media on consoles. Not yet and not for a long time.

LOGICWINS2170d ago

The issue is that gamers are becoming smarter and more prudent with their purchases(buying used, waiting for prices to drop, waiting for GOTY editions, holding out for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, only spending $60 on titles that offer a tremendous amount of value such as Halo 4)

donniebaseball2170d ago

NPD needs to get its shit together and start releasing monthly or even weekly digital reports.

NYC_Gamer2170d ago

I think sales will continue to drag because many gamers aren't excited anymore

aviator1892170d ago (Edited 2170d ago )

I'm sure November will be a bit better.

nukeitall2170d ago

I think Halo 4 should boost the numbers a little, but there is an overly abundance of games. I don't bother buying new games now (except for Halo 4), cause I can't finish my old ones. I have a fat backlog, majority whom will never be played.

LOGICWINS2170d ago

If your never gunna play them, then can I have em? :D

StrawHatPatriot2170d ago

Because of the saturation of the market

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