IGN's Turning Point: Fall of Libery Progress Report

While Turning Point has come under fire for a slightly shoddy demo that went live late last month, IGN can say that their latest build is already showing signs of significant improvement.

Being an Unreal 3 powered title; people wanted Turning Point to be the next visual tour de force on Xbox 360 but the demo was slightly underwhelming in that department. Luckily the team at Spark Unlimited invested the time to bump the visual panache of the environments and character models up to a new level. The change isn't anything earth shattering but you'll certainly be able to tell that things have been honed since the demo's release.

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slak3717d ago

good for them cuz that demo was sh!t

Excalibur3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

Wondering if they just made it darker so we couldn't see it as well?

Here's the thing, why didn't they just bump the visual panache of the environments and character models up to a new level before the demo was released?

Now they have released a sub par video, word has gotten out that it was crap and they've shot themselves it the foot.

A shame too because I was looking forward to this game.

Kleptic3717d ago

the fight is on...

Fall of Liberty or Denied Ops:...which will be the worst looking game of 2008?

MK_Red3717d ago

"The change isn't anything earth shattering" Well, the game in that demo needed a miracle to become something decent and small to medium changes won't help it that much.

Also, is this game really powered by UE3!? Seriously, UE3 is famous for it's superb texture system and one of biggest problems with Fall of Liberty was it's textures.