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Ragnarok Odyssey Review| CheatCC

Ultimately, Ragnarok Odyssey is a game that’s painfully mediocre and flawed at its very core. It’s wrapped in a fairly respectable combat system and sparkled up with an incredible opening cinematic, but those things can’t make up for the sheer tedium of playing through the same areas and fighting the same monsters over and over again. (PS Vita, Ragnarok Odyssey) 2.2/5

Jason143  +   891d ago
:( makes me sad. Im hearing this a lot
profgerbik  +   891d ago
Can these journalist actually write their own reviews instead of borderline straight up copying IGN's..?

The game has gotten far better reviews all across the board and oddly all the bad ones sound like copies of IGN's, using the same exact wording they did in their review.

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Hicken  +   891d ago
That's a lot easier to do than coming up with their own review.
Ult iMate  +   891d ago
This whole hatred situation toward Vita's games from reviewers is just stupid. It's all those reviewers that are loosing credibility with biased reviews, not the game. The game is not becoming worse just bc some tool give it a low score.
andibandit  +   891d ago
@Ult iMate

Yeah it's a total conspiracy, we need Mulder & Scully from the X-files to take a look at this.
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32froshes  +   888d ago
Yeah, I love how IGN opened their review with a joke about how mages aren't manly. Oh wait, they didn't. These two reviews are barely even similar, except for the fact that both reviewers didn't like the game.

This particular review lists a lot of objective reasons for the game being bad, and most of those reasons weren't touched on by IGN at all.

N4G always reminds me that education in the US is in a sad state. Reading comprehension is actually a viable skill, people.
H4all  +   891d ago
the game is really good and awesome... 2.2 rating is stupid... if 5/5 i will give my rating 4.5, really enjoy game with awesome graphic and gameplay... try it so you will know it... i play ragnarok from PC, when it's come out on vita i play it too, really a lot improvement from GUANGHO..
izumo_lee  +   891d ago
So these guys find killing the same monster over & over again tedious & boring yet killing the same army dude with a gun over & over again is cool. Ok.....
Myst  +   891d ago
It saddens me that a lot of people are saying they do not like Ragnarok Odyssey. While I will leave them to their opinion I will state my own and say that the game is quite the breath of fresh air on the vita. The monsters are fun to fight against and the whole world itself including the NPCs have a vibrant layer of life to them. The game is quite nice hopefully people won't take these low scores to heart and will buy them game that way we can get more games similar or just more games on the vita.
Fullmetalevolust  +   891d ago
There's no tedium if you know how to switch up the pacing of the gameplay between single and online multiplayer. It's rewarding to look for items in order to expand or refine your equipment. This is the most engrossing RPG I've had the joy to play in years, and I'm usually a turn based kinda guy.
The monsters on some quests become more challenging that it makes it almost impossible to play solo, unless you're quite the expert. It's easy to pick up and I wouldn't categorize questing as a chore, especially when the game mechanics are robust.
chazjamie  +   891d ago
hmm i would rather wait for persona 4
Ult iMate  +   891d ago
And miss a good JRPG?
strigoi814  +   891d ago
Coz its not a shooter why am i not surprised by this...
Ult iMate  +   891d ago
And also it is not for Nintendo handheld. If Ragnarok was for 3DS it would "magically" get all the "feel" and "touch" for "reviewers".
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iHeartHelloKitty  +   891d ago
What! I bought day 1 and I'm still not done choosing a character. Too many options but I'm finally going to move on and pick swordsman. Mage is kool looking!

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