Pon, Pon, Patapon demo impressions (Ars Technica)

Frank Caron from Ars Technica writes:

"There has never been anything quite like Patapon, the soon-to-be released PSP exclusive out of Sony Japan. You control a horde of Patapon, adorable little creatures that worship you as their god and want you to help guide them to victory. By beating various drums at a smooth pace much like a rhythm game, you're able to command them in battle. Each face button represents a war drum, and a series of four beats produces a specific action. For example, square, square, square, circle (pata, pata, pata, pon) commands the horde to move forward. Outside of battle, various units and equipment can be attained to build up your Patapon army."

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pwnsause3808d ago

"Remember, MUSIC IS THE WEAPON!" -Aerosmith Generation X game.

permutated3807d ago

LocoRoco art style meets Black & White ideology coupled with Contra on acid.

Lol. Dope.

Mattearl3807d ago

Can this be played on the PS3??

-EvoAnubis-3807d ago

Man, I love this game, though. When I kept hearing about it, I was like, "Yeah, whatever," but after having played it . . . I need this game. It is fun as hell!

Gish3807d ago

Square square square circle! This has been in my head ever since playing...

-EvoAnubis-3807d ago

The preview is wrong. The demo has more than 2 levels (more like 6) and there are three unit types, not two, and three drums get unlocked in the course of the demo, not two. How the hell did the guy flub that up?

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