Focus testers originally disliked Uncharted Vita's female lead

GamaSutra - During the development of Uncharted: Golden Abyss, the developers at Sony Bend realized they'd gone down the wrong track with its leading lady -- "Almost universally, focus testers hated Chase, the game's new female protagonist," writes Bend's John Garvin, in a new Gamasutra postmortem of the Vita launch title.

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Agent Smith2020d ago

To be fair, she had to go up against Elena and Chloe.

Nimblest-Assassin2020d ago

My friend though Chase was better than Elena... I slapped him as soon as he said that

miyamoto2020d ago

She was a great character the 3D rendering of her model was not.

nevin12020d ago

I can see Chloe having her own game. I bet she has a tainted past.

VanguardOfCalamity2020d ago

only thing I wanted that UC2 lacked was the ability to choose Chloe over Elena :)

Ultr2020d ago

ultra disagree, sorry, elena is my absolute favorite

Jinkies2020d ago

Chloes not the type to settle down with someone, she's the kind of person to have a spin off game, using her charms on men to get what she wants.

wishingW3L2020d ago

the voice actress looks so much better than the 3D render:

her name's Christine Lakin BTW.

rpd1232020d ago

That's the tomboy from Step by Step!!!! She's pretty hot now.

Sugreev20012020d ago

Although she wasn't as charismatic as either Elena or Chloe,she was an enjoyable character in her own right.This game has a bad rep for some reason.I enjoyed it a lot,especially for a handheld game.Multiplayer would have certainly helped though...

Acquiescence2020d ago

Yes, even more so than Elena and Chole. If that's considered sacrilege then burn me at the stake. Tap that ass Drake!