God of War: The God of Gaming Sagas

GI - Why do we continue to play God of War? Well, the obvious answer is that the saga continues to release high-quality games which fulfill our need for intense violence and action, stunning graphics, and a story which keeps us bedazzled with its complex web of characters from Greek mythology. But perhaps the more subtle answer rests in the massive appeal of the franchise’s protagonist—Kratos—a Spartan warrior who transformed himself from man to god during his quest for vengeance and freedom.

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sinncross1842d ago

As much as I love the GoW series, Greek mythology and Kratos.. I really hope the new one puts Greek mythology and Kratos to rest.

I want them to carry on the IP with a new mythology and new (different kind) hero

Ducky1842d ago

Might as well make a new IP then.

BitbyDeath1842d ago

Won't be able to do that with a prequal.

ceballos77mx1842d ago

Norse mythology or better yet Aztec would be badass.