Blu-ray regains market share for week ending February 10th, 81:19 lead

After the surprise small gain in market share for HD DVD, discovered last week, Blu-ray has pushed up its share back into the 80s with a new lead of 81:19. Since inception, the lead has been on a ratio of 65:35.

Across the Universe (Blu-ray) was the top selling High Definition title and the only HD DVD title to reach the top 10 was Elizabeth: The Golden Age

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resistance1003721d ago

Its going to keep on going up and down for the next few weeks/months as stores hold firesales to get rid of all there HD DVD's. However as stores run out HD DVD's Share will continue to decrease until blu-ray = 100%

TheTwelve3721d ago

I predict a 90%-10% share next week, or worse.


meepmoopmeep3721d ago

i place my bets with you. and in a month it'll be 95%
and so on and so forth

niall773721d ago

we dont need 24 storys a day everyday reminding us.

rawd3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

It's a news submission site and the hottest topic right now. Billions of dollars in future revenue is riding on this war.
I'm actually surprised there aren't more Blu news posts

dexterwang3721d ago

Enjoy this type of posts while this last... a couple more weeks and no BR or HDDVD news will be posted cuz 1 will be dead and buried

man0fsteel3721d ago

but do you guys realize that pretty soon we're not going to have these blu ray vs hd dvd results anymore?..

neela3721d ago

Guess we`re gonna see Blu vs DVD then.... /cry

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