PS3 sales drop 43% at Japan retail

Marcus Lai from Punch Jump writes:

"Sales for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 dropped 43 percent in the latest weekly tally at Japan retail."

"Media Create Co. on Fri. reported that the PS3 sold 23,985 units between Feb. 4 and Feb. 10. By comparison, the hardware sold 41,796 units the week prior on the release of Capcom Co.'s Devil May Cry 4."

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solar3835d ago

i guess Sony should say something? like godzilla caused shortages? :P

hamsterfist3835d ago

Isn't it Cloverfield now?

vortteexx3835d ago

who knows godzilla might of.

achira3835d ago

xbox360 dropped 80%, and now? what bs. wii dropped also.

Marceles3835d ago

lol, yeah the ps3 sales drop might be a fact, but everything else dropped as well

Kleptic3835d ago

'breaking news: PS3 sales fall during a week of no releases, compared to the week prior when a very popular franchise had a title release'

-Mr. Obvious...

rawg3835d ago

The lunar new year is like christmas, new year and birthdays combined in Japan (and most other asian countries).

It makes sense that sales would drop across the board for all consoles after that week, the same way that sales drop significantly after Christmas in the US.

shine13963835d ago

yep, straight from the department of the bleeding obvious...cheque pls.

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TheHater3835d ago

What do people expect? For the hardware to remain they same when no games was release last week? So people just start creating these type of article to get hit on their website?

Why not include the Wii also. Didn't the Wii also drop a lot?

Hell put the 360 there also, consider that drop also.

cloud360-13th_acount3835d ago

360 drops 49%...

No one mention 360 and Japan

whengeeksgobad3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

they went from selling 10 360's to selling 5. Not such big news. No one mentions 360 in japan because even MS is trying to forget they cant move a console out there for anything. This is not fanboy drivel, I own both a 360 and a ps3. This is a fact: MS couldn't have a much more difficult time moving consoles out there.

ceedubya93835d ago

is there really a need to?

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The story is too old to be commented.