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Grand Theft Auto V - 28 new game screenshots from the magazine Game Informer

A bunch of 28 new gameplay screenshots straight from the game! (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

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imXify  +   628d ago
Hello there sexy screenshots.
irepbtown  +   627d ago
A guy repelling down a building...

This game looks beyond sexy...
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roadkillers  +   627d ago

ooops, wrong site.
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ab5olut10n  +   628d ago
These look really good, you can see an obvious graphical progression.
Jason143  +   628d ago
Ambient occlusion and better shadows.
bubblebeam  +   628d ago
Yeah but I'd prefer it if games gave you screenshots from the players perspective. Not Bullshots from a cinematic type of approach.

I want to know what it looks like from my TV screen/computer screen. Not from some artists perspective (the guy who touches them up).

The game will looks absolutely fantastic. I still think Red Dead Redemption looks nice.
Norrison  +   628d ago
Textures need to be improved though. Glad to see they improved the lighting, shadows and draw distance. The Depth of Field effect is in the sweet spot too.
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bostoner  +   627d ago
I love how everyone is talking about graphics like they are important in gta. I remember 4 looking pretty good (especially on pc with mods), and it didn't make it better. I just hope killing hookers is fun again. Sadly you wont be able to tell from a screen shot. As long as the frame rates high and it's fun, I could care less if the people Im running over have dynamic flowing hair and super detailed normal maps.
Adrieono  +   628d ago
My body and wallet are ready.
BitbyDeath  +   628d ago
Details are awesome, was hoping they'd show some animals but at least the scans mentioned it.
LOGICWINS  +   628d ago
Can't wait to go hunting with my gattling gun! 8)
princeofthabay  +   628d ago
killing people's pets ftw
crimsonfox  +   628d ago
I'm amazed at how much detail is in all of these shots. Considering the size and scope of the game itself. I read the preview twice and have looked at these screens a lot more. Truely amazed.
spike  +   628d ago
Does anyone know if this game still has a health bar, or is it like Red Dead Revolver.
HeavenlySnipes  +   628d ago
Its just hitting me. They said this will be bigger than RDR, San Andreas and GTAIV? Holy Shit
WeAreLegion  +   628d ago
Yeah. This could be as big as Panau!

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paydayp  +   627d ago
difference with gta is that the world feels alot more al live around u than with just cause.

i stil havent seen a game that does it as well as gta 4.
I just loved to sit in the back of a cab a watch the people in the city.
ALLWRONG  +   628d ago
This must be the engine they used for Red Dead because these look real good. I need a bib.
black911  +   628d ago
Imagine if it was a PS3 exclusive on a 100gig bluray and not being limited once again by the 360 and dvd9.
Eiffel  +   628d ago
Disc size would make no difference other than simple convenience. You're not accounting for whats limiting the game itself, and that's the 360 and the PS3.

One can only imagine how much more the game could be if it didn't have to compensate for outdated hardware.
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Jason143  +   627d ago
look at what they did with gta4 on pc. Some of the mods are mind blowing. I cant wait to see what this brings. Hopefully the pc release wont be too long after consoles. either way Im going to wait for this on pc. I just like what the users do to make the game last much longer.

Personal fav from 4 was the back to the future mod with time travel. was sick
danieldeath  +   628d ago
More side-mission to take advantage of this immerse world, please!
bayonetta  +   628d ago
the world looks amazing
claud3  +   628d ago
DeadManMcCarthy  +   628d ago
At last we have real info, I feel as if a weight has been lifted off of me.
frankiebeans  +   627d ago
2 to 3 disk on 360 is pretty much confirmed from all the info about how big the game is...guess its time to dust off the ps3 for this one.
theWB27  +   627d ago
Really? Cause I distinctly remember Skyrim comin on one disc on the 360 and that's huge. Even gta 4 with the extra missions released on one disc. Stop it with that..
Ippiki Okami  +   627d ago
GTA 5 looks like it'll blow both of those games outta the water. Max Payne 3 for xbox was 2 discs(1 for mp) and Rage was 3 discs on xbox. I wouldn't doubt this game will be on multi discs on xbox. PS3 will have at least a 8-10GB install for this beast.
-Gespenst-  +   627d ago
My god the level of detail... especially the quad screenshot and the one of the beach side market looking place.

I think I'll definitely have to get this, I'm just worried it'll be super choppy on a ps3...
OneAboveAll  +   627d ago
I highly doubt this is console. If it were there would be no AA.
ape007  +   627d ago
kingmushroom  +   627d ago
Freking awesome, got it Preordered and go my Poster.
good move!

I would steal a pc to to get the better draw distance!
profgerbik  +   627d ago
Well based on those screen shots there goes my hope of seeing GTA V spin off on the Vita.

I don't even think the Console version's will look that good looks like I am going to have use my PC.

Not like I still won't be playing it on PC. Hopefully they can make a Vita spin off or something with less content and possible can achieve the same look and feel of GTA V cause it looks awesome.

I mean GTA on the PSP was pretty impressive at the time. Just maybe it can happen but it looks pretty beefy graphically, dunno if the Vita can handle anything like that with open world to boast. NSF looks good but not nearly that good.
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tubers  +   627d ago
A lot of screen shots like these are touched up specially with extra anti alias.

Like another commenter here said, it's also seems to be a cinematic approach of a the screen shot taker.

an typical HD youtube video would reveal a better picture on what it really looks like.

And yeah.. I want a GTA spin-off on the PSP but highly doubt for one any time soon (very poor install base).
TBONEJF  +   627d ago
DAMN I LIKE THOSE NEW BIKES(MOTORCYCLE) going to pre order mine now. CAN'T WAIT TOO SEE what stuff they added
PastyGangster  +   627d ago
I'm wondering if they added Groove Street to the game. Seeing a more modern Groove Street would be pretty interesting.
HeroLv9  +   627d ago
The game looks like it's coming along nicely! Hope it can deliver.
TheKayle  +   627d ago
well all this new screenshot can run in realtime on our ps3 xbox360

if the graphics will be this...i will very VERY disappointed.....im playing guild wars 2 (on pc ok)..and is much mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooore bettern than this
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