Analysts: Wii's Slim NPD Lead Due To Smash Bros, Wii Fit Launches

Following NPD's release of January hardware and software sales figures, analysts from Wedbush Morgan and simExchange have said lower than expected Wii sales likely were part of a plan to support Japan's Smash Bros and Wii Fit launches, and that Sony's Blu-ray support may be turning the tides in the PS3's favor.

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wiizy3836d ago

good observation about the wii numbers by the analyst... i dont agree that sony is turning any tide over though.. just wasnt enough wii's and x360s

fenderputty3836d ago

I agree that possible stock constaints affected sales but, the PS3 has still been gaining on the 360 in NA on a percentage bas regardless of the shortages. It's also gained enough momentum overseas to surpass the 360 sales without stock issues. This Blu-ray decision will only help it gain more momentum. Well ... that and more upcoming games. I don't see how you can ignore this.

KeiZka3836d ago

Games are coming to all three consoles, so that's not to be factored that much. Blu-ray does help drive PS3 sales, that much is true.

The drop is not understandable as it is, but it may be a pointer of something... either the drought is still going on in US (is every place still sold out over there?) or customers are starting to lose interest. My bet is on the first one though.

Even though Wii sales in Japan don't add up, it still doesn't mean that they couldn't have shipped Wiis to Japan in anticipation if there ever was to happen a Wii boom suddenly. Didn't apparently, and now they may shift them back to US. Or that's what I assume right now.

cmrbe3836d ago

that wii units were diverted to Japan for SSMB and Wii fit don't add up. If so why is there a drop in wii sales in Japan?.

HarryEtTubMan3836d ago

Regardless the PS3 is still 400$ with not one Blockbuster dropped yet. With ALOT coming. It should even be close. Wait until PS3 IS 300$, because its going to be PWNING the Wii. Its gonna happen just like Micheal patcher said.

KeiZka3836d ago

Ha. And who and what keeps Nintendo dropping Wii's price when they deem the moment right? Failure.