Bioware asking for fan’s input for new Mass Effect game

Earlier this year Bioware made it clear that the company would be developing a new installment for the ‘Mass Effect’ series. Although Bioware is only at the drafting table for the project, fan’s input is already welcomed.

At this point we don’t know anything about the upcoming title, what platform it will play on or who the main protagonist will be. With your help though, some of the more pressing story-lines and plot-twists could be included in the game. The Executive Producer, Casey Hudson, asked for fan’s input on his Twitter account stating, “We’re in early stages of designing a completely new Mass Effect game. What would you want to see in it?”.

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camel_toad1957d ago

I'd love to see a turn-based spinoff of the me3 universe. Sorry, I still have x-com fever. Going to the doc tomorrow.

palaeomerus1957d ago

X-Com actually feels kind of like Mass Effect at times due to the music and the alien ships and bases and the armor.

I think a DL Mass Effect turn based squad combat game is a no brainer. Imagine calling in fire support from a tank or calling in a shuttle to exfil trapped troops.

Likewise I think another Fallout Tactics game would rock.

I've already pre-ordered a copy of Wasteland 2 and am thinking of getting the upcoming ShadowRun game.

MikeMyers1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Since when does EA actually listen to their fans? Battlefield 3 would be on Steam, we would not have online passes for single player games, there would be roster updates for sports games annually without the need to buy a new game each year, they would not drop online support so quickly, the list goes on.

Jinkies1957d ago

I don't see why they are asking

They asked fans for an ultra collectors edition for Mass Effect 3 and in the end scrapped it.

TekoIie1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

I wouldnt mind being able to choose a race for the SP. But only if they're willing to give each their own animations. Armor customisation for each race and LOTS of it and race exclusive powers. On top of that since each race has stereotypes to their personalities so there could be dialogue options exclusive to a race along with racial bonuses.

Assuming its like ME1-3 and we have a ship could we have space battles? This would be awesome because we could customise the colours of the ship and add different weapons and upgrades and it would be a nice addition IMO! Best way to think of an example would be AC3 with naval warfare :)

Tr10wn1957d ago

Don't let Shepard go.

Tetsujin1957d ago

I'd vote no MP what so ever, even as a tack-on or "extra;" Single Player only without co op or some typical MP component.

Also if possible have an easier way to complete 3 with Sheppard alive (I know there's one way to however it's harder to complete) and continue with his story; It'd be nice to see him through another fight.

bjjcna1957d ago

I say make a prequel and set it during the rachnia wars and the creation of the genophage

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The story is too old to be commented.