Atlus' Persona 4 Arena now on XBLA Games on Demand

According to a statement released Thursday morning from video game publisher Atlus, fighting game Persona 4 Arena is now available for digital purchase and download via Xbox LIVE Marketplace's Games on Demand Network for Xbox 360.

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Tuxmask551894d ago

I don't understand the whole games on demand thing. Is that like movies on demand where it's a 24hr rental?

Yi-Long1894d ago

... often at ridiculous prices, compared to the price in the regular stores.

kagon011894d ago

You can buy(rent) the digital copy, but unfortunately you will never own it, once the service stops for either console you'll have an unplayable collection. After all those digital games are drm protected.

That is why I prefer physical copies instead of a rent(digital copy).

Tuxmask551894d ago

Thanks for the explanations. I'll stick with renting through GameFly and buying from the local stores.

3-4-51894d ago

No it's the full game.

Game A.) is $10.00 at retail because it's been out for 2 years.

Game A.) is $30-40 for Games on Demand.