Gamedaily: Xbox 360 Death Toll Reaches 1.5 Million

Gamedaily writes: GameDaily BIZ reported yesterday that one online warranty company says that the failure rate for the Xbox 360 is 16.4%. Based on Microsoft's console numbers of 9.2 million consoles sold (based on a press release on 1/17/08), that would mean that 1,508,800 consoles died since the Xbox 360 released.

While most of the GameDaily team has experienced their personal turmoil with the Xbox 360's fabled red ring of death, one staff member takes the lead with four dead consoles.

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Silellak3838d ago

Thank God! Another RRoD article.

Apparently the 360 failure rate is worth talking about *every single day*.

This article is especially exciting, because Gamedaily took the earlier-published number of 16.4% and *did math* to determine exactly how many consoles that would be! Wow! Thanks Gamedaily!

InYourMom3838d ago

Let's take the same article and print it 10 different times, 10 different ways.

But do you actually expect a negative 360 article to slip by the 24hr watch?

Silellak3838d ago

Yeah, it's like they all subscribe to some "anti-360" RSS feed. It's a little sad.

And of course, since N4G seems to swarm with Sony fanboys, we can always predict that:

1. These stories will get approved.
2. Anyone who says these stories are getting old will get disagreed with.

The PS3 is a terrific console, but the fanatical nature of many Sony fanboys seems to scare me. It feels like any comment that is remotely positive about the 360 is immediately shot-down by 50 people who are personally offended by the idea that people might actually own and like a 360.

And God forbid you say anything bad about the PS3 or Sony. You may as well just leave N4G.

slak3838d ago

But yeah its true a other RRoD article this is getting old fast

Mainman3838d ago

These figures don't make any sense though.

Almost every 360 owner had a RRoD problem, and quite a few of them had it multiple times. I would have expected that the death toll would have been more than 3 million 360's (over 17.7 million sold).

Or am I missing something here? Maybe they are trying to say that currently there are 3 million 360's (16% of total) waiting to be repared?

ichimaru3838d ago

you had better stop or they will get you with their magic disagree button. thier opinions matter so much, i'd be careful what you type or you see 20 maybe 30 disagrees...ohhh my spine shivers. but yea this news is getting ridiculous,recycled over and over again. they should have an open article section not just comment section.

Sev3838d ago

Yes it IS worth talking about every single day until MS fixes the problem.

If someone was breaking into your house all the time, wouldnt you call the police each time so they would catch the guy?

Or would you just be like, crap, he broke into my house again, I am sick of him breaking in my house.

Yes kinda of a bad example. But it seems like the failure rate would just be swept under the rug, if all these sites werent reporting it.

MS isnt the type of company to actually listen to its customers. Or else the failure rate would be fixed, the DRM would be fixed, they wouldnt ban people from live for having mods, they would drop the price, and they would actually have Wifi

mikeslemonade3837d ago

Microsoft admits that they're going to expect 1 million more failures this quarter or fiscal year so it's definately not 16%. It's atleast 25%. And that's 1 million faulty 360s from the supposed better falcon chip hardware.

They're lying about 16% and it somewhere around 33% which sounds more right.

kevin11223837d ago

you all make me laugh, you should of been here last year. Constant sony bashing daily, now it is the hardcore sony fans returning the favor.

dantesparda3837d ago

I see that the Microsoft Defense Force is in full effect. You guys are funny, the system is breaking down at astronomicals rates (I think the failure rate is way higher than 33%, probably more like 70% or more, I myself am on my 4th replacement 360 and i barely use it). I dont think there is a single person on my 91 people friends list that hasnt had their 360 break down at least once, and many over 2-3 times).

This is completely and utterly unacceptable, and the fanboys defend this. Well all i have to say to them is,...GOOD! keep defending it. So you will continue to get exactly what youse deserve for defending it. SUCKERS!

The Real Peter Moore3837d ago

You act like 360 fanboys are any different. You're just mad, cuz you're obviously a 360 fanboy

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feejo3838d ago

Did they calculate the repetitive, when you send your xbox to fix, and they send you another one that RROD after 2 weeks?

squallsoft3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago ) falsifying their numbers.... its so obvious. why would a company release such an unreliable machine. i guarantee, that if they had pushed the launch back 6 months, they wouldn't have any of these problems. i was actually going to purchase a 360 back b4 wii/ps3 hit the market, but when i heard about the whole RRoD thing, i backed off. glad i did...

PSN-Squallsoft *Add ME!*

OC Shock Value3838d ago

you have been added.. prepare for war

power of Green 3838d ago

I was going to get a 360 lol. That girl you use in your avatar pic doesn't have me convinced. lol

Vip3r3838d ago

"I was going to get a 360 lol. That girl you use in your avatar pic doesn't have me convinced. lol "

So you don't have a 360 then? Could have sworn otherwise...

ruibing3838d ago

It's hard to argue that when people are making a hard choice between consoles, reliability issues can tip the scale slightly in the PS3's advantage.

I didn't get a PS3 for its reliability, but I know that's the thing that's been keeping me from getting a 360. I was going to get one of those Pro HDMI systems so I can play Lost Odyssey, but I'll wait until the next few revisions (Opus and Valhalla, I believe) for improvement. I've had enough bad experience with warranty when it comes to my HP laptop and WD HDDs to minimize it as much as possible.

mr_potato3837d ago

So POG its so wrong to love FF and to like the 360.

Guess your as blind as a fanboy can get.

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Bill Gates3838d ago

These types of articles put a HUGE beautiful smile on my face, and an UGLY frown in the face of the BABOONS.

Smile > Frown ......AAHAHHAHHAHAHA

Phaqutomb3838d ago

Bill your always good for a few laugh's

XxZxX3838d ago

To All XBOTs,
You been running fun in this site for a while mocking PS3 when they have low installed base and fans boy. Now PS3 is picking steam and increasing PS3 fanboys run over this site. You got yourself a big stampede. Well who's fault? who is the one that bring up the wrath of Playstation. Did we bash Wii,not really maybe some but We just doing what you guys did on PS3 Fanboys last year. Don't like your own medicine. DEAL WITH IT, the stampede is not over yet it just the beginning.

Cyrus3653838d ago

While an estimate number based on warrenty company #, 1.5 million 360 RROD is a Staggering number.