Metal Gear Solid 4 25th Anniversary is official, info on the contents

Today Konami has confirmed Metal Gear Solid 4 25th Anniversary Edition, and provided some information on the contents.

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Heavenly King1895d ago

Me too. I already have 2 copies XD

Akuma-1895d ago

i would buy mgs 4 for ps vita on first day if possible

AntoineDcoolette1895d ago

Why? it says no new in game content

BigStef711895d ago

I know but I like the box art for the 25th anniversary and I feel kojima deserves for this game to be bought a second time because its that good plus it comes with a poster lol. Im pretty big in collecting games so this would look good in my game collection

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Voyevoda1895d ago

I like how the 1st comment, the user's avatar is Hideo Kojima, lol.

Braid1894d ago

Jeez, people. Save your money for Ground Zeroes. :)

Ilovetheps41895d ago

Based on what the website said, it includes the game and a poster. Seems a little lackluster. I thoroughly enjoyed MGS4 and all, but I think they should include something like a soundtrack from all the games or something.

Vortex3D1895d ago

Original MGS4 has 2 AudioCDs with over 2 hours of music.

ChipChipperson1895d ago

They could at least include the downloadable songs, podcasts, and camos on it as opposed to having to download them to the HDD from their servers. I know I may have been asking too much with this idea, but it would have been great to play as Raiden, Vamp, Akiba, Meryl, Mei Ling and Ocelot in single player since they were playable in MGO.

ginsunuva1895d ago

Come to US plz. Or I can just import I guess.

Seraphemz1895d ago

I agree... if there is nothing really new, im not going to spend 60 bucks for a poster. Hopefully they announce stuff later.

Nyxus1895d ago

It's about 20 pounds.

medziarz1895d ago

no it's not, it's a re-release for the future generations of ps3 gamers that can experience the game with trophies and patches out of the box

KillerPwned1895d ago

Even though I have a copy of this game as a collector I will buy this when I see it on sale.

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The story is too old to be commented.