New Black Ops Declassified Gameplay on Shipment map from CoD4

PSX-Sense writes: "In less than a week Activision will launch Black Ops 2 along with Black Ops declassified for the PS Vita. We've got some new footage of the multiplayer which shows clearly the popular map Shipment from CoD 4: Modern Warfare."

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DA_SHREDDER1934d ago

I can't wait to see how activision figured out how to sprint without the L3 button?

belac091934d ago

probably rear touch screen

portal_21934d ago

^Push the left thumbstick all the way forward to run.

1nsomniac1934d ago

Portal_2 is right they've already publicly said you push the stick fully forward to run. the problem is some people have said this can cause problems when trying to aim more accurately while moving.

FragGen1934d ago

Yeah, Pretty much just lock it in. Does anyone ever NOT run full blast in COD. :)

Gamesgbkiller1934d ago

I hope it will be like MOH heroes from PSP
when you can push the left stick forward twice to sprint
that was easy

lazyboyblue1934d ago

Sprint is down on the Dpad.

jyouri1933d ago

that is what it is. Down on the Dpad. or automatic run.

spok221933d ago

they should allow custom mapping for this game

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guitarded771934d ago

WTH is wrong with the audio about 1/4 of the way in? Be warned... turn speakers/headset down.

Anyway, this is the bast looking footage I've seen so far. This doesn't look that bad. Some of the previous clips I've seen were a mess visually.

Liamabob1934d ago

Huh, it's actually coming together nicely by the looks of it. Got to wonder if the campaign manages to cram in some of the bigger set-pieces that you would expect from consoles though.

Sanquine901934d ago


spok221934d ago

lol i really hope those are bots...

Sanquine901934d ago

DOH... This is survival mode ( something like zombies)

jjb19811934d ago

It's good "droppin' a deuce" material.

jon12341934d ago

haha very true, it want for that very reason!

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The story is too old to be commented.