All Final Fantasy XIV Account Holders Invited To the End of the World Event

Anyone that holds a Final Fantasy XIV account, no matter if active or inactive, will be able to log in starting tonight at midnight (PST) until the end of the event that will see the closure of Final Fantasy XIV and start the move towards A Realm Reborn.

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RmanX10001935d ago

I think it wouldve been funnier if they did this on December 21st.

Kyosuke_Sanada1935d ago

I hope all of the players and NPC's change to LCL at the end.......

wynams1935d ago

I didn't just close my account, I had that PoS DELETED

Abriael1934d ago

That's not something I'd boast about.

Blasphemy1935d ago

I still have my account(even though its inactive) so I will log in to see this!

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