Did Skyward Sword Really force the Zelda Series Downhill?

The Zelda series has been one of the most well known in the gaming industry for years. This quickly became to be one of the most beloved series and has been able to keep its fans happy for an incredibly long time. Players fell in love with every aspect about Zelda. Quite frankly this series hears little to no complaints from most gamers. The latest release in the series was called The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Swords, a game that fans were anxiously awaiting and a game that most everyone placed all hope on. As it quickly proved itself to be a success in sales, it just didn’t have the same instantly classic feel as most other titles in the series contained. What made this game less of an ‘attention grabber’ compared to other titles in the series? Could this mark the start of a downwards spiral for one of the most beloved franchises in the gaming industry?

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TheSuperior 2026d ago

Downhill... No, but did i loose a little respect for nintendo... unfortunatly yes.

As good as the game could have been I found myself not having the burning desire to play because all i wanted to do was, well, play. I didnt want to roll bombs across the floor using my hand or balance link on a string with an extreamly unaccurate Wii remote. Hopefully for any next installment to the series Nintendo will remember who the series appeals to and that is gamers :/

Wii U pro controller, I'm counting on you!

-MD-2026d ago

Oh wow that all sounds awful, I had to stop playing Twilight Princess a few hours into it because of the waggle, sold my wii shortly after.

Hopefully WiiU's controllers will supply us with a more traditional Zelda, I think I might try and pick up Twilight Princess for my gamecube too.

TooTall192026d ago

I thought Twilight Princess was really good. I haven't even tried Skyward Sword yet. I hope the next zelda uses the pro controller as well. I have fond memories of playing Windwaker using the wavebird on GC.

Temporary2026d ago

Twilight Princess was very good ... must be very limpwristed to want to get rid of a perfectly good game just for a little waggling...

Jinkies2026d ago

I agree on your points, I felt the same aswell

However I also felt like the game was a step back for the franchise.

I seriously don't understand how it got nearly perfect scores. A 7 ir 8 fine but 10/ way.

SheaHoff2026d ago

Yeah, the Wii-mote was a little iffy.

Gr812026d ago

Wasn't feeling Skyward Sword for many reasons, but the controls in my opinion we very solid. Never had any glaring issues with the controls. Save for perhaps when the batteries were low, or fighting the scorpion or the final Ghiriham fight where stabbing needed to be precise.

My gripes, were a lame story that got in the way too much.

Useless tasks like collecting tadtones?

The Sword girl who stopped your progress every 2-5 minutes.

No overworld?

This was in my opinion one of the worst Zelda games I've played. Even still it was a 'decent' game, but We had come to expect more from Zelda, and this game didn't deliver.

It has definitely left me cautious about the future of the series...similar to how Other M has me worried as to where Metroid will go.

Griffin48712026d ago

It was mainly the Wiimote's use that made it less enjoyable for me. I believe it should be optional in the next Zelda.

I can deal with a less-than-stellar story, but lack of an overworld was a slap in the face.

A Zelda game shouldn't be awesome because it's Zelda, but because it's a great game.

Ilovetheps42026d ago

I thought Skyward Sword was great. I hear a lot of complaints about the Wii remote. It worked fine for me. I found it fun to have to slash the Wii remote certain ways based on the enemy. I enjoyed it a lot.

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The story is too old to be commented.