Jack Thompson Blames NIU Shooting On Video Games

It's Virginia Tech all over again! Florida attorney Jack Thompson has appeared on Fox News this morning as a "School Shooting Expert", blaming 27-year-old sociology grad Steven Kazmierczak's rampage yesterday at Northern Illinois University on - you guessed it - video games like Counter-Strike. Kazmierczak, identified only this morning, walked onto a lecture hall stage dressed in black and opened fire on a crowded science class, killing six students before taking his own life. As always, no evidence has been found linking Kazmierczak to video games, Counter-Strike or otherwise, but Thompson never let a lack of evidence keep him from shooting off his mouth.

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niall773837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

when will he learn you cant blame EVERYTHING on video games.

eg: when he blamed 9/11 on video games.

MikeGdaGod3837d ago

that's a shame what happened up there. i went to NIU from 2000-2003 and had two classes in Cole Hall. i had just talked to one of my buddies thats still up there the day before this happened.

fenderputty3837d ago

has had an impact. The core problem with his argument is that it's illogical and can then be applied to various other arguement such as "Porn causes rapists," and "Guns kill people rather the person pulling the trigger."

I wish people like him would focus all their energy in a more productive way. If he spent all his time on educating parents on the ratings and violence that goes on in video games, he would have a more worthwile impact.

therealwillie3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

if there was no guns, then people wouldn't kill people
obviously its the person that kills.. and if there was no guns, people would inevitable find something else to kill each other with, but the numbers would be way way down on what they are now
how many highschool shootings have we got over here in the E.U?

fenderputty3837d ago

cause that's exactly what you're doing. Most guns involved in crimes aren't bought in shops anyway ...

Nevers3837d ago

this guy is basically an ambulance chaser. It's very sad how he just waits to capitalize on the grief and tragedy of others.

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pwnsause3837d ago

why am i not surprised? isn't this what he said last time with VT? and he fail Miserably??

BlackCountryBob3837d ago

On the very very rare occasion JT does speak some good sense relating to how parents should monitor the media content their children have access too.

However, when he starts spewing like this I lose all interest in him and his work. This is little more than senseless lies and speculation, it makes me sick that anyone could look upon the tragic passings of 7 people as being a great platform from which to further their political and social agenda.

And beyond anything else, the guy was 27 years old, at what point does a person become an adult and is then to be held responsible for there own actions?

Ashta3837d ago

If that "I saw this one coming" truck was any bigger.....

vloeistof3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

this guy will so be over gta iv release

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