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Makasu1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

OMG it's Polygon Man!

JoySticksFTW1901d ago

Yea! Lots of us guessed it. Glad it's true!

I kind of felt bad when I saw Drake trying to gun down Sly, even though Sly jumped him first.

And happy that Sir Daniel Fortesque made it. :)

Jinkies1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

Glad they got the final boss right...shame the same can't be said about there third party characters. I'd really wish they added Gabe Logan instead of Evil Cole for Fat Princess rival, Evil Cole is more of a DLC character, and seeing Nariko go head to head with Kratos would of been way better

Looks fantastic though


Whats with some people disgareeing everyone, yeah we like the look of the game, can you blame us it looks great

JoySticksFTW1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

I think it's hurt fanboys of other consoles that can't play it or just are trolling.

Don't sweat it :)

I personally loved the beta and can't wait to get the game

For those who can't play it, there's nothing wrong with you having more than one console to play all of the exclusives ;)

jonboi241901d ago

But Nariko vs Dante makes sense, they are both Nina Theory characters.

Jinkies1901d ago


So two characters made by the same developer makes sense, despite gamers always comparing Nariko to Kratos and would of loved to see who would win in a fight between the two. That would of been better

princejb1341901d ago

in what game is polygon man in?
i never heard of him

grailly1901d ago

I think he was part of the american playstation ad campaign. I don't know why he's considered to be good as a final boss though.

princejb1341901d ago

@ grailly

ok thanks i dont see why he would be good either but well find out on release date

THESONYPS31901d ago

He was an original mascot for playstation (didn't last long)but he was evil. He's probably back for revenge because the others stole his spot light.

Majin-vegeta1901d ago


*Throws money at screen but nothing is happening*.

ginsunuva1901d ago

You're doing it wrong. You have to put your credit card in your disc tray.

b_one1901d ago

you do it wrong - go amazon.

fabod861901d ago

Awesome intro! Awesome game! Awesome Characters! Awesome..... Awesome!

Lovable1901d ago

1:18 Best part haha sack boi is awesome!

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