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Submitted by GamerPops 1186d ago | review

GamerPops presents: A different kind of Halo 4 review

There are enough Halo 4 reviews talking about the graphics, the multiplayer, the weapons, and every other detail.

So instead, GamerPops asks the question that a lot of parents should be asking: is Halo 4 ok for my teen to play? (Halo 4, Xbox 360) 4.5/5

KingWilly105  +   1186d ago
Teens will certainly love Halo 4, but that raises the question why isn't it rated Teen.
GamerPops  +   1186d ago
Honest, I'm not really sure. We've always felt that Halo must be RIGHT on the edge. If you took out the assassinations and the minimal amount of blood, it's probably a T-rated game.

It's certainly not equal to other M-rated shooters like CoD.

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