GTA IV Pre-Order Content for Xbox 360 Revealed had reported a earlier in the week that the Xbox 360 would be receiving some sort of exclusive content for those who pre-ordered the Xbox 360 version of Grand Theft Auto IV.

The site now says that the pre-order content isn't one of the exclusive downloadable content packs as they first thought, but instead various other things including contest entries and exclusive gamerpics.

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Xeikon3718d ago

GTA4 for Xbox 360 preordered.

green3718d ago

whats with the disagrees.I have preordered and there is nothing you can do

BLUR1113718d ago

it's sonyfanboys there mad cuz its not just on the ps3 as exclusive, even though mgs was first on nintendo does nintendo wine no they dont

Liquid Ocelot3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

They're fanboys what do you expect?

Even if you said that you have the PS3 version pre-ordered like i have you'll still get disagreed with.

3718d ago
sonarus3718d ago

thats the truth way too many fanboys on here. Just like when ps was supposed to get GTA1 and 2 as well as sf alpha. same article also said splinter cell conviction would come to ps3 and i foolishly mentioned it in my post and before i knew it i was reported to the mods. However is it jst me or could msoft have done better with this pre order promotion. Personally i would prefer a free GTA4 shirt to gamer pics

green3718d ago

.Did i say i ordered mine today?i odered mine in January.

just added you to my ignore list.

ichimaru3718d ago

lol at the disagrees. how can one disagree with a fact that Xeikon has preoerdered a game. are you a fortune teller? el oh el

Exhaust3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

Obvious and pathetic...

WAAHHH my console isn't getting DLC WAAAH. I think I'll get on a forum and disagee with everyone WAAAAH!

Obviously hardware failure is worse but you couldn't tell by the desperate comments. Sony fans are so butt hurt they don't know what to do with themselves. I could give shat less I'd buy it on either console.

bohemian 233718d ago

This place is overrun by Sony fanboys.

wageslave3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

Same here. Im a massive GTAIV fan, and I will be playing the whole game on the Xbox 360. I couldnt even begin to think what it would be like having to miss out on the whole game.


Are you for real? Doing *EVERYTHING* you can to undermine positive news for MS. What is the Pre-order conetnt for PS3?

So, as far as we know to this point, PS3 has no pre-order content, therefore *ANYTHING AT ALL* is better than what we know the PS3 is getting, which is *NOTHING*. Now, that could change, but it is *AMAZING* that you'd get +6 for your comment.

This site is *overrun* with Sony apologists and cheerleaders. Shouldnt your comment have been "i hope we ps3 owners get something too".

reported as SPAM.

EastCoastSB3718d ago

WAAAHHHH I GOTSA DISAGWEEE!!!!! Go cry somewhere else.

gaffyh3718d ago

As expected the GTA 4 exclusive launch content from MS is a pile of crap. Only 100 people (2000 t-shirts isn't even a prize, i mean seriously wtf) will actually be able enjoy this content if they win...MS know that they can charge however much they want for an episode so they aren't going to give that away for free, I atleast expected some sort of free addons like music etc.

LastDance3718d ago

acutally wage slave the ps3 has lots of pre order crap that no1 uses. Im not sure what it is but here in australia its 150 bucks!!!! and you get like hats n crap like that.

I saw some douche wearing a playstation 3 shirt in the city today.
talk about fan boy.

3717d ago
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MikeGdaGod3718d ago

a pack of 4 exclusive GTA IV gamerpics and a chance to win a GTAIV tee-shirt. let me run out to get my pre-order

GunShotEddy3718d ago

There will be one in or before July and one this holiday season. Remember they've already entered Q3, so that means Summer to be before end of Q4.

PeterGriffinSays3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

Awesome comment Scottie.

MikeGdaGod3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

i hope so for you GunShotEddy, i hope so for you......

+bubbles for ya Se7en Axis

3718d ago
BLUR1113718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

by making that dumb comment you shouldnt have kurt russel as ur pic its giving escape from La a bad name.

InMyOpinion3718d ago

^^ Escape from L.A.?! You mean Escape from N.Y. right? I know his avatar is from L.A., but that movie is hard to give a bad name since it sucks so hard =)

hella whip3718d ago

I maybe wrong but we're in Q4 of 07/08 now and Q1 begins in April if we're talking financial years.

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Voozi3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

Does anyone have any idea when the exclusive Episodic content is supposed to be released cause if it wont be released until late 2008 / sometime in 2009, then I think I'm going to go with the PS3 version...cause if it's a long wait, by the time the content comes out, I'll have more games in my games library (for both 360 & PS3) that I'll be playing to even "care" about a couple more missions that I'm going to have to pay for anyway....

So I hope they do announce when exactly this episodic content would be releasing so I can go make my pre order based off that.

Arkham3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )


"'In fiscal 2009 we'll also be offering additional episodic content for Grand Theft Auto IV on Xbox 360,' confirmed Ben Feder, CEO of Take-Two.

The publisher also reiterated the full game will be released next year, with two exclusive episodes due before the end of 2008."

Now the above was apparently corrected after that interview, basically saying there would be one episode before the end of fiscal '08, and one in fiscal '09. I have no idea what their fiscal year works out to be though.

There are conflicting sources though, as some articles say neither of the episodes will be out before 2009. Whether or not that means fiscal 2009 (so late '08) is also unconfirmed.

Either way, you're probably not going to see any content before the summer. Not that that's going to be a big deal, since you'll have a few months to beat the game completely. ;)

MikeGdaGod3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

if it doesn't make it by the summer time it won't make a big difference. but no doubt MS will continue to promote the exclusive content even if it doesn't make it till late 08/early 09 but thats when the PS3 dlc will come out also.

Voozi3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

Well then, guess my decision is most likely going to be the PS3 version lol. I went on a seesaw ride with this game...

- First I pre ordered PS3 version (back when I only owned a PS3)
- When I got a 360, I canceled my PS3 version and waited to see how this episodic content would play out and also which version would be the "superior" one (terms of graphics/frame rate)

And now...

- One preview confirms the PS3 version looks identical & has smooth frame rate
- The "exclusive pre order content" is junk for 360
- Both versions are getting DLC
- The exclusive episodic content for 360 may not even come out this year and will be a long time till after the game is out till we even see it...and when it does come out, will we even care since we'll have even more games out in both of our games library for 360/PS3

Once one more preview confirms the PS3 versions is identical to 360 in terms of graphics/frame rate, then I'll be going back to Gamestop and dropping my pre order on the PS3 version...*again* haha

Only downside is, I woulda loved to play some multiplayer w/ some of my XBL friends who dont have PS3's lol but ah well

wageslave3718d ago

What a surprise... you'd have to be a fool to buy this on PS3 if you owned a Xbox 360.

Which, clearly is not the case for you. You seem cogent enough to warrant a response.

I do like your attempt at trying to undermine the clear ownership of GTAIV that Xbox 360 has. Nice try at spreading the "oh, the DLC wont come fast enough meme". Totally ridiculous yes and patently ridiculous, but we know what your purpose is.

To promote the PS3 and spread FUD about the Xbox 360.

Oh well, I'll be enjoying the whole GTAIV experience exclusively on Xbox 360. Buy a Xbox 360, and you can too.

cokzilla233718d ago

yea go ahead and buy it on the 360 so you can take a risk of playing your game maybe only once before you get the infamous RROD. Then go ahead and do some waiting till you finally get your new used machine back! that makes a WHOLE lot of sense!

LastDance3718d ago go beyond all the other fan boys on all sides.

No crap man. Read your comments. Atleast most others can concede their consoles arent perfect. Your like the worst microsoft lover ive ever seen its almost worrying.

Its quite clear the DLC is just a tacky add on. Rockstar had do do *something* for microsoft to justify the millions they *gave* them.

So many other games are going to be out this year. If you have enough time to play all the great games coming out this year AND GTA4 all the way through to 2009 you need to take a big long deep look at your life my friend.

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DarkSniper3718d ago

Dark Sniper cant wait to play this game on his PLAYSTATION® 3!


BrianC62343718d ago

Me too. Who cares about extra content anyway? I never finished any of the other GTA games so I doubt I'll finish GTA4. These games to me aren't about extra content. I like GTA because I can do what I want to do, when I want to. They could get rid of all the stories and even missions and I'd be fine. I want an open world with lots of things to do and the ability to do it. That's really all I care about from GTA games. Extra downloadable content? Leave that for the short games that don't have much gameplay. That's how I feel about it at least.

InYourMom3718d ago

and I know it must burn DarkSniper up inside to know that the 360 version is the superior version. No need to even argue about it and I'm sure part of the reason you feel compelled to continue to downplay the 360 version and tell everyone you are buying the PS3 version even though this has nothing to do with the PS3 version at all.

It burns don't it?

Gaara_7243718d ago

i was inyouremum last night i got a bad dose of fungi of her

moparful993718d ago

So this is what $50 million buys you these days? I was expecting better out of microsoft. Episodic content is a hell of alot better then a couple of gamer pics and some "info" about entering a contest. What next, "with every 360 pre-order we guarantee a non scratched disc in every box!"

DarkSniiper3717d ago

Dark Sniper cant wait to play this game GTA IV on his Microsoft® Xbox 360™! How can anyone seriously buy the gimped version on the PofS® 3!


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vloeistof3718d ago

omg a t-shirt and gamers pics

wageslave3718d ago

-100 people will win an Xbox 360 Elite console.
-2000 people will win Grand Theft Auto IV apparel.
-10,000 people will win various amounts of MS Points ranging from 500 to 1600 ms points.
-10,000 people will win various XBL Gold memberships ranging from 1 month to 12 months.

Tshirts? Where do you see that? I see the word "apparel". While a Tshirt is apparel, its not the only option.

Why did you see the need to presume apparel == tshirt? I dont see the word "tshirt" anywhere in the article...

Oh! I know why. See, you've got a severe case of sonyfnaboy. Take it >>>

cokzilla233718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

i totally agree with wageslave. just cuz it says apparel doesn't mean its necessarily a t-shirt. what i think apparel means in this case is a head band for the major sweating all you 360 owners are going to have worrying about getting the "RROD"(in most cases for the 2nd or 3rd time) while playing gta!