Uncharted: Golden Abyss originally stared a teen Nate “running scams at college”. Developed on PS3

OPM: Uncharted Golden Abyss director John Garvin has admitted one of the first versions of the game had Drake as a teenage con artist. That adventure saw the hero chasing treasure across Louisiana, New Orleans and the Grand Canyon.

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yewles12051d ago

" The final straw came when Naughty Dog’s own Amy Hennig told Garvin that “the Uncharted formu la: didn’t require a supernatural element”."



*remembers Uncharted 1's mummy dust, Uncharted 2's blue amber and Uncharted 3's genie piss*

A lack of requirement didn't prevent you guys from utilization, now did it? smh

Blankman852051d ago

It was resin, not amber, if I recall correctly. But yes, supernatural indeed.

yewles12051d ago

No diff, resin fossilizes into amber.

rpd1232051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

Eh, that could've been cool, but I like how Golden Abyss turned out.

bubblebeam2050d ago

Golden Abyss was great.

Just Imagie an Uncharted 'Bully' sort of game? I'd love to see all the cheeky stuff he got up to in High School. Charming teachers? Ooooh the possibilites.

nevin12051d ago

New Uncharted Vita game announced?

Yodagamer2050d ago

Well there is a rumor of a ps vita uncharted card game O.o

ChocolateGiddyUp2050d ago

Well, dammit...this sounds amazing.

ginsunuva2050d ago

Need more teen drake games.