Wal-Mart puts stake through HD DVD's heart

Things have gone from bad to worse for HD DVD in the space of one week.

Wal-Mart Stores announced on Friday morning that it, too, has chosen a side in the battle for high-definition video supremacy: by June, it will stock only Blu-ray Disc players.

A buyer in Wal-Mart's video division wrote this morning on her Wal-Mart Checkout blog that the retail giant had made the decision following Netflix and Best Buy's high-profile announcements that they will exclusively stock Blu-ray products.

Gary Severson, senior vice president, Home Entertainment, Wal-Mart has since confirmed to "We've listened to our customers, who are showing a clear preference toward Blu-ray products and movies with their purchases."

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niall773775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

it over, its done, bye bye HD DVD.

but lets wait for toshiba to say that this news in "unfortunate" and "the customer still needs a chance to pick"...etc

ravinash3775d ago

From what I hear toshiba are already planning to make their own range of BlueRay player.

shine13963775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

even they knew the end was nigh when warner bros anounced they were pro blu-ray. Maybe some didn't agree but they knew. And yes, this really is pretty much it. Walmart has so much finiancial power that its' seriously scary. probably more then Toshiba and Sony combined. So yeh I would say this was probably it.

Ps. can anyone actually come up with an argument that could maybe suggest that HD-DVD could actually win the war now? even if it is seriously hypothetical!

sonarus3775d ago

well now that hd-dvd is gone blu ray owns all the market share to itself. Sony especially makes the most money off hardware sales since most blu ray players sold are made by them. Hopefully this will encourage competitors like samsung to drop their prices to compete with sony and we can finally see major price drops on the blu ray format. The concept of buying a blu ray player that also plays games might not be adequate for a lot of ppl especially older consumers who arent so tech savvy

marinelife93775d ago

I should just control "c" the following phrases for every HD-DVD article that gets posted from here on out.

"Another nail in the coffin for HD-DVD"

"The fat lady is warming up for HD-DVD"

"It's game over for HD-DVD"

"Hasta La Bye Bye HD-DVD"

"Sayonara HD-DVD"

"Aloha means goodbye HD-DVD"

"Auf Wiedersehen HD-DVD"

"Arrivederci HD-DVD" (Or you could say Ciao)

"Au Revoir HD-DVD" (Or you could say Adieu)

"Le'hitraot HD-DVD"

"Adios HD-DVD" (Same as Hasta La Bye Bye)

"Namaste HD-DVD" (For all you Lost fans)

"Adeus HD-DVD"

"Dag HD-DVD" (LOL it's Dutch for BYE)

meepmoopmeep3775d ago

the biggest retailer dropping it. damn, more dirt shoveled into the grave

jams_shop3775d ago

"Adios HD-DVD" (Same as Hasta La Bye Bye)
If you are using Spanish; "Hasta la vista" is the correct one.
"Hasta La Bye Bye" is wrong, it's not use in that way. "Hasta la vista", "Bye bye" and "Adios" they all mean the same. You are mixing two of them which is incorrect.

marinelife93775d ago

You must of missed that it was a joke.

And you're wrong the correct term is "Hasta la Vista Baby" (the austrian derivative of the spanish phrase)

LordZ3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

El formato HDDVD esta acabado, adios y gracias por dar buena competencia, pero lamentablemente BluRay es el ganador.

Me alegro de haberlo elegido desde el principio, y me siento muy apenado por los que eligieron HDDVD.

Adios HDDVD!!!
Que descanses en paz!!!
Viva BluRay!!!!

Sev3775d ago

At this point Toshiba cant even say "let the consumer choose" because its not even going to be sold anywhere much longer.

All we need now is for and Target to follow suit, and you wont even be able to buy a HD-DVD.

I wonder what Universal, and Paramount are thinking right now.

cmrbe3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

The HD-DVD group could buy WB and Fox to support HD-DVD exclusively and then get MS to release a x360 with inbulit HD-DVD player. Come to think of it. Even if this comes true which is virturally impossible the HD-DVD would still have a small chance of winning because the PS3 is outselling the x360 and the in-built HD-DVD would be use only for movies unlike the PS3. The biggest problem that the HD-DVD group faced is content and installbase. The bottmline is content is why people buy into a new format and installbase is why content providers support a format. HD-DVD had price and features on their side but in the end there is no point in buying a cheap movie player when you could not what 70% of available HD movies.Features? Well who the heck want to watch how they made the move when they are watching and concentrating on the actual movie?. There is a reason why there are special features.

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Evil Zhuk3775d ago

If anyone here is still hopeful that HD dvd will win the format war after reading then i will be baffled.

HD DVD3775d ago

What happens to me now!?!?

resistance1003775d ago

We bury you in a field with all the Buried Atari E.T Cartridges

TruthBTold3775d ago

Hey, I heard there is a new movie starting Paramount and Universal

Silellak3775d ago

Thank God, another "HD-DVD is dead" article.

I was starting to worry that people might forget Blu-Ray has won without a daily reminder.

fenderputty3775d ago

still ... all these articles really makes one feel like the war will end soon. I mean how can HD-DVD keep taking serious hits like this? America is it's only bastion of hope and that's dwindling exceedingly fast.

pwnsause3775d ago

whatever Wal-Mart Sells, wins, with this Universal and Paramount better Jump immediately, before they start to lose money.

Voozi3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

"We are disappointed to hear this unfortunate news that Wal Mart has decided to stop stocking HD-DVD's. We believe the reason is due to there color being Blue just like Blu Ray, however we are still pleased to have K Mart stocking HD-DVD's as they are red just like our color."

SeanScythe3775d ago

Sorry but they are the ones that have the blue light special.....not red light.