Dead Space 3: In Co-Op, You'll Face Your Madness Alone.

GS:Both Isaac and Carver are plagued by their own unique forms of madness, and it often split their union in co-op gameplay.

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first1NFANTRY1863d ago

man there's nothing scary about this. where's the horror we were promised?

NYC_Gamer1863d ago

EA replaced it with Gears of War type action

Jinkies1863d ago

and thats why they don't deserve your money

JoGam1863d ago

Doesn't mean it won't be a good game.

Getowned1863d ago

Dead Space 2 wasn't scarry to me, but it was an awesome game. IMO

brish1863d ago

Q. Where's the horror we were promised?
A. The horror was cut from the game so that EA could sell it to you as DLC!

Just kidding ... maybe!

keabrown791863d ago

Games were never scary beyond startle reactions/ jump scares

Getowned1863d ago

I agree. When I was 10-12 I might have been scared but not now.

nofallouthero1863d ago

seems meh but the whole your partner has madness things seems pretty interesting.

Alos881863d ago

Does anyone else notice how different the soundtrack sounds to the first two games? It sounds a lot cheesier imo.

Kyosuke_Sanada1863d ago

It would be truly sad if they dropped Jason Graves as composer. The first Dead Space theme is still my favourite track in the series......

FunAndGun1863d ago

screw you co-op and the Dead Space you invaded.

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