MS unveils Paramount download deal

Microsoft has just unveiled a fancy deal with Paramount to offer its old and new films on the Live Video Store.

Three weeks from now you will be able to download Transformers, 1408 and Disturbia, as well as classics like Naked Gun and Top Secret.

"We're very excited to announce this new relationship," Paramount's Alex Carlos told our roving reporter Oli Welsh at an event happening now.

"We have lots of great content that fits this demographic. We're excited about digital distribution, especially being on a platform as elegant as Xbox 360."

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GodsHand3684d ago

"We have lots of great content that fits this demographic. We're excited about digital distribution, especially being on a platform as elegant as Xbox 360."

I like the elegant part.

IMO, the PS3 is more elegant looking.

Xeikon3684d ago

I want Star Trek 2 and 6 in HD.

predator3684d ago

this is cool, i hope more movie companies jump on board with this.

green3684d ago

the content on marketplace in the us is fantastic,but in the uk we are behind.

would like Star Trek and transformers as soon as possible

Bill Gates3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

This content will NEVER be truly yours BABOONS. Remember that awesome HDD M$ sells you allows you to copy anything from it...Silly BABOONS....AHAHAHHAHA

Bill Gates3684d ago

correction, DOESN'T allow you to copy anything from it.

Ghoul3684d ago

Im a huge hightech and computer geek :)

but im am so incredibly uninterested in downloadable movies, i just prefere hardcopies

whengeeksgobad3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

if you have a 360 or ps3, theres A LOT you can do with downloadable movies. I have a 1 TB mybook plugged into one of the USB ports on my 360, and I have about 90 HD .wmv's all 720p or 1080p and they look great - AND I have room for about 60-70 more movies. You can also do realtime transcoding ala tversity or something similar from a windows pc to either the ps3 or the x360. I prefer the downloadable copies most of the time because I already have 600+ dvd's and I am running out of shelf space. This looks nearly as good as the BR/HD-DVD copies, and takes much less space. This is only when talking about movies as well. When you consider the music streaming capabilities of either, the convenience of a downloadable copy is much more flexible for me than a hard copy could ever dream of being.

agent8643683d ago

Is there support for playing xbox live downloadable content off of usb drives ? I didn't think there was but am researching it.

Ghoul3683d ago

nonoo you got me wrong i do store all my bought hardcopy on my drives.
i meant to ONLY donwload digital content and paing for something i dont even have the right to burn onto a cd/dvd/bluray. all my mp3s and tv series i do have as a wmv/avi/divx

wageslave3683d ago

Funny, Im the opposite. I refuse to waste energy that is associated with plastic dics (from their shipping, storage, manufacture etc).

I *MUCH* prefer download. I stopped buying CDs and DVDs and 100% switched to downloadable alternatives years ago.

Digital Distribution is clearly a better solution, and the time for Digital Distribution is now.

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The story is too old to be commented.